Charity & NFP Law Update
September 2021 Issue
-   September 30, 2021 Marks Canada's First National Day for Truth and Reconciliation
-   The ONCA is Finally Coming! Preparing for Transition
-   ACCS Makes Submission to Finance on the Disbursement Quota Consultation
-   Corporate Update
-   Ontario COVID-19 Vaccination Policies: Important Legal Issues for Employers
-   Ontario Implements COVID-19 Vaccine Passport System
-   COVID-19 Employment Law Update
-   Ontario Court Rules on Decade-Long Property and Membership Dispute
-   Court Intervenes When Sole Officer of Voluntary Associations Breaches Trust
-   Infringing Use of a Modified Trademark Negates Finding of Distinctiveness
-   Privacy Law Update
-   Consultation on New Home and Community Care Regulations Open until October 11
-   AML/ATF Update
-   Chambers and Partners Rankings 2022

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August 2021 Issue
-   Complexities of the Disbursement Quota Consultation: More Than Just A Number
-   ONCA and Ontario Business Registry Come Into Force on October 19, 2021
-   What Charities and NFPs Need to Know for the Upcoming Federal Election
-   Corporate Update
-   Legislation Update
-   Federal Court of Appeal Says CRA Too Restrictive in Refusing Registration for CAAAs
-   Advisory Committee on the Charitable Sector Releases Report #3
-   Faith-Based University Entitled to Procedural Fairness in Funding Applications
-   Severance Pay Threshold Calculations are not Limited to Ontario or Canadian Payroll
-   BC Court Hears Decision after City Cancels Youth Conference Rental
-   SCC Provides Further Guidance on "Fair Dealing" Exception to Copyright Infringemente
-   Staff Training about Privacy Rules is Essential in Preventing Snooping
-   Permanent Residency Status Not a Protected Ground of Citizenship in Human Rights Code
-   AML/ATF Update
-   Federal and Ontario COVID-19 Update
-   Lexpert Rankings
-   Best Lawyers in Canada Rankings

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June 2021 Issue
-   Bill S-222 Passes Through Senate, Introduced in House of Commons
-   Legislation Update
-   CRA News
-   Corporate Update
-   Pending Disbursement Quota Consultations: Questions for Consideration
-   CAGP Publishes Guidelines on Charitable Donations of Life Insurance
-   Canada's First Site-Blocking Order Upheld by FCA
-   Privacy Law Update
-   AODA Accessibility Compliance Reports Due June 30
-   AML/ATF Update
-   Ontario COVID-19 Update
-   COVID-19 Employment Update
-   Ontario Superior Court Addresses COVID-19 Temporary Layoff Provisions But Uncertainty Remains
-   Carters is Pleased to Welcome Martin U. Wissmath as a New Associate

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May 2021 Issue
-   SCC: Voluntary Association Membership Not Automatically Contractual
-   Advisory Committee on the Charitable Sector Releases Report #2
-   Legislation Update
-   CRA News
-   Corporate Update
-   Bill S-222 Passes Second Reading at Senate with Support at Senate Debate
-   British Columbia Court of Appeal Restores Expelled Members in Sikh Organization
-   Ontario Human Rights Tribunal Upholds ‘Full and Final' Release
-   Dispute Over the Delivery of Foreign Aid in Colombia can Continue in Ontario
-   Recent Reports on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion on Boards of Directors
-   Alberta OIPC finds Anglican Diocese in Contravention of Privacy Legislation
-   Muttart Foundation Publishes Comprehensive Resource Book for Charities and Not-for-profits
-   Ontario COVID-19 Update
-   Churches and Their Leaders in Ontario Fined for Breaches to Religious Gathering Limits
-   3 Days of Paid COVID-19 Leave in Ontario, with Reimbursement Available to Employers

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April 2021 Issue
-   Government Responds to Recommendations of Senate Report on Charities & NFP Sector
-   CRA News
-   Federal Budget 2021: Impact on Charities and Not-for-Profits
-   Corporate Update
-   Federal Court Confirms CRA's Discretion Regarding ATIP Requests
-   Ontario Superior Court reluctant to interfere in Sikh temple membership dispute
-   BC Court Overturns Purported Removal of Directors of BC Society
-   BC Supreme Court Applies Cy-près Doctrine to "Flow-through Gift"
-   Pregnancy a Factor for Court in Reasonable Notice Decision
-   Federal Court of Appeal Confirms Narrow Trademark Protection for Acronyms
-   Further Evidence Required to Demonstrate COVID Impact on Reasonable Notice for Termination
-   Ontario COVID-19 Update
-   Advisory Committee for the Charitable Sector (ACCS) Webinar May 17, 2021

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March 2021 Issue
-   Advisory Committee on the Charitable Sector Releases its First Report
-   Legislation Update
-   Supreme Court of Canada Will Not Hear Constitutional Challenges to CASL
-   Court Considers Impact of Covid-19, CERB, for Employee Pay-in-lieu Entitlements
-   Physician Cautioned by Complaints Committee for ‘Unprofessional' COVID Tweets
-   Canada Progresses on UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals
-   House Committee on Foreign Affairs Recommendations in Response to COVID-19
-   New Changes to Ontario's COVID-19 Framework

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February 2021 Issue
-   Bill S-222 Proposes to Eliminate the "Own Activities"Requirement for Charities
-   Charities Program 2018 to 2020 Report Shows Drop in Audits as Pandemic Struck
-   Legislation Update
-   Open Letter to Eliminate the "Own Activities" Requirement for Charities
-   FINA Recommends Tax Relief, Funding Flexibility for Charities and NFPs
-   Statistics Canada Releases Survey on Board Diversity
-   New Tort of Internet Harassment Recognized in Ontario
-   Nurse Suspended for Six Years Not Constructively Dismissed, Says OLRB
-   AML/ATF Update
-   The Ottawa Region 2021 Charity & Not-For-Profit Law Webinar Materials Now Available
-   Ontario Transitioning to Colour-coded Response Framework
-   Imagine Canada Sector Monitor Reports Ongoing Challenges for Charities During COVID-19

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January 2021 Issue
-   COVID-19 Measures and Restrictions in Ontario
-   COVID-19 Corporate Update
-   COVID-19 Ontario Extends Infectious Disease Emergency Leave for Workplaces
-   Ontario Church Unsuccessful in Bid for Interim Injunction Against COVID-19 Regulation
-   CRA Publishes New and Updated Guidances for Charities
-   Corporate Update
-   Supreme Court Upholds Appeal Court Decision on Vicarious Liability
-   Divisional Court Upholds Order for Election of Common Board by De Facto Members
-   Long-Serving Radio Broadcaster Paid 21 Months in Lieu of Notice
-   Ontario Occupiers' Liability Act Amendments Receive Royal Assent
-   Privacy Commissioner Report on eHealth Saskatchewan Cyberattack
-   Unconscionability of a Standard Form Services Agreement
-   Advisory Committee on the Charitable Sector Reviews Challenges Faced by Charities
-   Ontario Launches 2021 Budget Consultation
-   AML/ATF Update

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November 2020 Issue
-   COVID-19 Update: Recent Federal and Ontario Special Measures
-   COVID-19 CRA News
-   Update on the Advisory Committee on the Charitable Sector
-   Special Senate Committee on the Charitable Sector's Report Adopted by Senate
-   Ontario Court Denies Request of Monitor to Manage Charity's Affairs
-   Ontario Superior Court Applied Cy-Près Doctrine to Testamentary Gift to Dissolved Parish
-   Digital Charter Implementation Act, 2020
-   Court of Appeal Confirms Innocent Misrepresentation by Diocese
-   Ontario Court Rejects Property Tax Exemption Based on Hypothetical
-   New Accessibility Standards for Websites and Web Content of Large Employers
-   Proposed Amendments to the Insurance Act Affecting Donations of Life Insurance Policies
-   B.C. Court of Appeal Upholds Decision on Membership Admission
-   Disciplined Professional's Social Media Posts Allowed by Saskatchewan Appeal Court
-   Legal Risk Management Checklists for Ontario-based Charities and Not-for-Profits
-   The 2020 Annual Church & Charity Law™ Seminar – Goes Virtual: November 5, 2020
-   Charities Legislation & Commentary, 2021 Edition + Supplement Now Available

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October 2020 Issue
-   Ontario Bill Proposes To Limit Liability from COVID-19
-   COVID-19 Corporate Update
-   Ontario Extends and Amends COVID-19 Orders
-   COVID-19 Employment Update
-   Legislation Update
-   Supreme Court Grants Leave to Hear Voluntary Association Appeal
-   Supreme Court Awards Over $1M Damages for Pay in Lieu of Notice
-   OneClass to Pay $100,000 for CASL Violation

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September 2020 Issue
-   Federal and Ontario COVID-19 Relief Update
-   COVID-19 Corporate Update
-   COVID-19 CRA News
-   COVID-19 Employment Update
-   AFP Publishes Survey on Fundraising Activities During COVID-19
-   Corporate Update
-   CRA News
-   New Lobbying Requirements in Saskatchewan for In-House Lobbyists, NFPs and Gifts
-   Mount Pleasant Costs Awarded Against Public Interest Litigants
-   BC Court of Appeal Rules PIPEDA is not a "Comprehensive Code"
-   Ontario Minimum Wage Increases by 25¢ on October 1st
-   Imagine Canada Report on Investment Readiness in Canada's Charitable Sector
-   New Zealand Court Finds Public Environmental Advocacy is Charitable
-   Global NPO Coalition on FATF Provides Input on Recommendation 8

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August 2020 Issue
-   Overview of the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy ("CEWS")
-   COVID-19 Corporate Update
-   Legislation Update
-   End of Temporary Lay-offs from Work for COVID-19 Emergency
-   Ontario Nonprofit Network Publishes Report on Charities and COVID-19
-   Archdiocese Found Vicariously Liable in Mount Cashel Sexual Abuse Appeal
-   CRA News
-   Corporate Update
-   B.C. Supreme Court Rules Societies' Bylaw Must Authorize Voting Methods
-   Tax Court Allows Not-For-Profit to Claim Input Tax Credit in Operating Virtual Library
-   Uniform Law Conference of Canada Adopts New Uniform Crowdfunding Act
-   Ontario Launches Consultations on Privacy
-   Inclusion in Best Lawyers in Canada 2021

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June 2020 Issue
-   Stage 2 of Reopening Ontario: An Overview for Charities and Not-For-Profits
-   COVID-19 Contact Tracing App in Canada will use Bluetooth
-   New Bill C-17, If Passed, Would Introduce New Changes Affecting Charities and NFPs
-   COVID-19 Rent Relief for Commercial Landlords and Tenants
-   New Infectious Disease Emergency Leave Provides Relief to Ontario Employers
-   CRA News
-   Federal Government Launches 2021 Pre-Budget Consultations
-   Mitigating Financial Losses and Navigating the Courts During COVID-19
-   Imagine Canada Publishes Report on Charities and COVID-19
-   Legislative Proposals for Journalism Organizations under the ITA
-   Corporate Update
-   Ontario Court Upholds Wall in Unincorporated Association Decision
-   WIPO Decision Highlights Importance of Maintaining Domain Name Registration
-   AML/ATF Update

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May 2020 Issue
Ontario Court of Appeal Overturns Finding of Charitable Purpose Trust
-   New Details on COVID-19 Federal Response Programs
-   CRA Statement Regarding Charity Registration Applications
-   COVID-19 Corporate Update
-   Ontario Allows Gatherings for Religious Services as "Drive-ins"
-   OPC Provides Privacy Tips for Using Videoconferencing Services
-   New Changes to the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy ("CEWS")
-   BCFSA Clarifies Position on Gifts of Life Insurance
-   BC Court of Appeal Reverses Decision Ordering Return of Charitable Gift
-   Lexpert Ranking

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April 2020 Issue

Direction and Control: Current Regime and Alternatives
-   Ontario PGT Allows Access to Restricted Charitable Purpose Funds
-   COVID-19 Federal Government Support for Charities and NFPs
-   COVID-19 CRA News
-   COVID-19 Provincial Emergency Relief for AGM and Annual Return Filing Deadlines
-   Practical Strategies for Dealing with Termination of Contracts in a Pandemic
-   Federal Privacy Commissioner Releases Privacy Framework for COVID-19
-   Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (“CEWS”): An Overview for Charities and NFPs
-   Corporate Update
-   Ontario Court Decision Provides Reminder to Carefully Follow By-laws
-   Membership in Religious Society Reinstated by Court for Unfair Expulsion
-   Carters is Pleased to Welcome Heidi LeBlanc as a New Associate
-   Friend of CAGP Award
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March 2020 Issue
Carters' Response to COVID-19
Due Diligence by Directors and Officers of Charities and NFPs in Response to COVID-19
Employer Obligations and Considerations in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
NFP Board and Members' Meetings Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic
COVID-19 and Performance of Contracts
Privacy and Data Security in Response to COVID-19
Federal and Ontario Measures in Response to COVID-19 Impacting Charities and Not-for-Profits

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February 2020 Issue

Competition Bureau’s Role in Digital Advertising: Implications for Charities and Not-for-Profits
CRA News
-  Excise and GST/HST News No. 107
-  CRA Introduces Digital Processes for Authorizations
-  CRA Charities and Information Sessions and Webinars
CAGP Provides Update on Gifts of Life Insurance in B.C.
Legislation Update 
-  Bill C-7, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (medical assistance in dying)
-  Ontario Bill 175, Connecting People to Home and Community Care Act, 2020
-  Ontario Bill 136, Provincial Animal Welfare Services Act, 2019 Now Proclaimed
Donation Receipts Signed by and in Favour of Charity Officer Denied
Tax Court of Canada Rejects Charitable Donation Scheme… Again
Ontario Court Rules on Trusts in Scouts Land Ownership Dispute
One Incident of Sexual Harassment Justified Termination for Cause
BC Court Finds Indigenous Ceremonies in School Did Not Violate Freedom of Religion
Ministry of Health Revokes its Hospital Naming Directive
Recent Issues in Privacy: Case Law Update
New Canadian UDRP Provider for Resolving Domain Name Disputes
Anti-Terrorism/Money Laundering Update 
-   Further Amendments to Regulations under the PCMLTFA
-   US 2020 National Strategy for Combating Terrorist and Other Illicit Financing
-   UN Working Paper on Impact of Counter-terrorism Legislation on Humanitarian Action
Essential Trademark Issues for Charity and Not-For-Profit Lawyers
Theresa L.M. Man Named to CRA Technical Issues Working Group

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January 2020 Issue
The CRA's Guidance on Journalism: Clarifying Tax Credits, QCJOs and RJOs
Advisory Committee on the Charitable Sector Holds December Meetings
Legislation Update
-   Provisions of Budget Implementation Act No. 1, 2019 Now In Force
-   Proposed Changes to Employee Stock Option Regime Delayed
-   2020 Budget Consultations in Ontario
-   Ontario Regulations under the Connecting Care Act, 2019
-   Alberta Senate Election Act
-   Nova Scotia's Plastic Bags Reduction Act
-   Yukon's New Liquor Act
Corporate Update
-   ONCA Coming into Force Delayed
-   Updated Policies on Corrections of Articles or a Certificate for Business and Not-for-Profit Corporations
-   Corporations Canada Makes Changes for Online Services to Not-for-Profits
-   Certain Amendments to Ontario's Co-operative Corporations Act in Force
-   New Brunswick's Cooperatives Act Proclaimed in Force
Voluntary Association's Constitution and By-Laws Found to be Contractual
Tax Court Decision on Split Receipting and Donative Intent Upheld on Appeal
Federal Court of Appeal Holds that Atheism is not a Religion
CRA Technical Interpretation Regarding Loanbacks by a Qualified Donee
CRA Technical Interpretation on Prescribed Rates and Undue Benefits
Termination Clause Found to be Void and Unenforceable by the Court of Appeal
The Federal Court Establishes the Test for a Site-blocking Order
Alberta Court of Appeal Rules that Charter Applies to Freedom of Expression by Students on University Campus
Anti-Terrorism/Money Laundering Update
-   Global Fragility Act of 2019
-   EU Renews its Terrorist List
-   OSFI Ceases Publishing Lists of Designated Persons
Charities Legislation & Commentary, 2020 Edition Now Available

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November 2019 Issue
Recent Developments in IT Law Affecting Charities and NFPs 
CRA News
-   Update to the Guide for Completing Form T3010 Registered Charity Information Return 
Legislation Update 
-   Ontario Bill 124, Protecting a Sustainable Public Sector for Future Generations Act, 2019, Receives Royal Assent 
-   Schedule 31 of Ontario Bill 100, Protecting What Matters Most Act (Budget Measures), 2019 Proclaimed into Force
-   Ontario Bill 138, Plan to Build Ontario Together Act, 2019 at Second Reading
-   Ontario Bill 136, Provincial Animal Welfare Services Act, 2019, Second Reading Debates
-   Part X of the Child, Youth and Family Services Act, 2017 (Ontario) Coming into Force
Corporate Update 
-   Amendments to Nova Scotia's Co-operative Associations Act
-   Proposed Amendments to Ontario's Co-Operative Corporations Act 
CRA Indicates Meals Supplied by Charities to Seniors Are Not Generally Taxable
Alberta Court Finds Society's By-law Invalid due to Inadequate Approval
Ontario Court Reluctant to Intervene in Seminary Board Dispute 
Employee Taking Videos of Customer Results in Termination for Cause
Privacy Law Update 
-   One Year Anniversary - OPC Reviews the First Full Year of Mandatory Data Breach Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements 
-   Canadian Bar Association Submissions on Privacy Act Modernization
Accessibility Compliance Reporting and Accessible Websites Deadlines Approaching 
Ontario Nonprofit Network Publishes Report on Sector Survey
Imagine Canada Publishes Report on Corporate Community Contributions 
The 26th Annual Church & Charity Law Seminar November 7, 2019

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October 2019 Issue
Proposed New Uniform Public Appeals and Crowdfunding Act
Legislation Update
-   Ontario Proposes Exemptions to Food Premises Regulation 493/17
-   Quebec Bill 13 Amends Act respecting the Quebec sales tax
CRA Provides View on Donations by Alter Ego Trusts After Settlor's Death
CCIC Policy Brief Addresses Direction and Control and Anti-Terrorism in Canada
Ontario Court Upholds Membership Election of New Directors in Governance Dispute
Court of Appeal Considers Freedom of Religion in Determination of Death
Tribunal Awards Considerable Damages for Discriminatory Hiring Practice
Grace Period to Ensure Compliance with French Signage Laws in Quebec Ending Soon
IAPP and EY Jointly Release Privacy Governance Report
Legal Risk Management Checklists for Ontario-based Charities and Not-for-Profits
Legal Challenges and Options for Boards in Transition

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September 2019 Issue
Court of Appeal Holds Communications to Alter Grant is Lobbying
CRA News
OPC Concludes Consultation on Data Transfers
Corporate Update
Federal Court Interprets Discipline Section of the CNCA
Alberta Appeal Court Upholds Decision Denying Third Party Standing to Bring Court Application
British Columbia Court Reinstates Membership in Procedural Fairness Case
Legalization and Sale of Cannabis Edibles and Workplace Impairment Issues
New Model Crowdfunding Legislation from the Uniform Law Conference of Canada
Distinctiveness of Trademarks
Anti-Terrorism/Money Laundering Update
Chambers and Partners Rankings 2020
Branding and Copyright for Charities and Non-Profit Organizations, 3rd Edition

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August 2019 Issue
Lobbying and Elections Legislation in Canada: An Introduction for Charities and Not-for-Profits
Corporate Update
-   Corporations Canada Updates Policies under CNCA
-   BC Consultation on Proposed Societies Act Amendments
-   BC Civil Resolution Tribunal Has Jurisdiction over Certain Society and Cooperative Disputes
Consultation and Proposed Changes to the Tax Treatment of Employee Stock Options
Qualified Donee Status Suspended for Inadequate Records of Expenses Outside Canada
Charitable Status Revoked for Inadequate Recordkeeping and Conferring Private Benefits
Alberta Court Considers Rights of a Corporation to Dispute Dissolution of a Related Society
Court of Appeal Reduces Termination Notice
Privacy Law Update
-   Federal Government Announces Cybersecurity Voluntary Certification Program
-   Ontario Privacy Commissioner Releases 2018 Annual Report
-   Canadian Bar Association Submission on Transfers of Information for Processing
Trademark Applicants Beware of Unexpected Government Fees
Federal Government Announces Full Membership of Advisory Committee on Charitable Sector
Anti-Terrorism/Money Laundering Update
-   Regulations under the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act
-   Public Safety Canada Updates List of Suspected Terrorist Groups
-   FATF Releases Terrorist Financing Risk Assessment Guidance
Inclusion in Best Lawyers in Canada 2020

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June 2019 Issue
Special Senate Committee on Charitable Sector Releases Final Report
CRA News
-   Electronic Filing System for Charities (CHAMP) Now Active
Legislation Update
-   Bill C-97, Budget Implementation Act, 2019, No. 1, Receives Royal Assent
-   Bill C-59, An Act respecting national security matters, Receives Royal Assent
-   Trademarks Act Amendments Now in Force
-   Ontario Bill 117, OPSCA (Interim Period), 2019 Receives Royal Assent
-   Bill 116, Foundations for Promoting and Protecting Mental Health and Addictions Services Act, 2019
Corporate Update
-   New Regulations Amending the Canada Not-for Profit Corporations Regulations and Canada Cooperatives Regulations
OPC Reframes Consultation on Data Transfers
Trademark Amendments In Force: What To Do Now
Duty to Accommodate Ends When Employment Contract is Frustrated
Alberta Privacy Commissioner Finds Real Risk of Significant Harm from Accidental Email
Anti-Terrorism/Money Laundering Update
-   Joint Statement by Federal, Provincial and Territorial Governments
-   Last FATF Plenary Meeting for the 2018-2019 Period
-   Consortium for Financial Access Releases Guidance to Address Issue of De-risking
Theresa L.M. Man to Chair CBA 2019-2020 Charities and Not-forProfit Law Section

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May 2019 Issue
Implications of Ontario Budget Cuts for Ontario Not-For-Profits
CRA News
-   New Information Webpages on Supporting Canadian Journalism
-   CRA Launches Online Consultation on Educational Initiatives for Charitable Sector
-   CRA List of Charities Webpage Moved in Preparation of Charities IT Modernization Project
Legislation Update
-   Prince Edward Island Lobbyists Registration Act in Force
-   New Brunswick Updates Minimum Wage for Counsellor and Program Staff at Residential Summer Camps Regulation
Corporate Update
-   Update on the ONCA
-   BC Public Benefit Companies Introduced through Bill M 209
Canada Introduces Digital Charter and Proposes Reforms to PIPEDA
Federal Court of Appeal Overturns Heffel Decision on Gifts of Cultural Property
Primer on Donor Advised Funds and Current Issues
BC Court Grants Oppression Remedy under Societies Act
Refusal to Grant Injunction Regarding Alberta Schools Act Upheld by Appeal Court
Ontario Court of Appeal Affirms Patients' Right to Effective Referral
Ontario Court Orders Damages Relating to 'Revenge' Videos Posted Online
Act Now: Canada's Trademark Law Changes are Less Than a Month Away
Former President of Corporation Found Liable for CASL Violations
Special Senate Committee Update
Jane Burke-Robertson Award of Excellence in Charity and Not-For-Profit Law

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April 2019 Issue
OPC Signals Policy Change for Data Transfers Across Borders
Legislation Update
-   Bill C-97, Budget Implementation Act, 2019, No. 1
-   Proposed Regulatory Amendments under the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014 and Education Act
-   Ontario Bill 66, Restoring Ontario's Competitiveness Act, 2019
CRA Publishes Compliance Guides on Digital Currency
CRA Responds to 2017 Consultation Panel Report on Political Activities of Charitie
Ontario Bill 47 Creates Province-Wide Super Agency to Replace LHINs
Applying for Federal Incorporation and Charitable Status
Employee Dismissed for Vaping Cannabis and Driving Employer's Car
Changes to Trademarks Definition and Registrability Coming
Court Denies Leave to Non-Profit to be Represented by Non-Lawyer
Consultation on Social Finance Fund Announced
Special Senate Committee Update

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March 2019 Issue
CRA News
-   New Advisory Committee on the Charitable Sector Announced
-   Reminder to Update Receipts
Corporate Update
-   New Regulations Amending the Canada Not-for Profit Corporations Regulations
-   New Regulations Amending the Canada Cooperatives Regulations
CRA Announces New Reporting Requirements in Light of PPDDA Changes
Federal Budget 2019: Impact on Charities and Not-For-Profits
Waiver Held Unenforceable for Not Contemplating Circumstances of Claim
Court of Appeal Upholds Decision to Dismiss s. 6 CAA Application
Defamation Action Against Charity Can Proceed
Court of Appeal Rejects Tort of Harassment
Act Soon Before New Trademarks Law Comes Into Effect
Adjudicator Reviews Scope of Obligation to Search for Records under PHIPA
Statistics Canada Publishes New Study on Non-Profit Sector
Special Senate Committee Update
Anti-Terrorism/Money Laundering Update
-   Changes to Canada's AML/ATF regime in Budget 2019
-   Charity Alleged to have Links to Terrorist Group
-   Public Safety Canada Updates List of Suspected Terrorist Groups
-   Update to US National Terrorist Financing Risk Assessment

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February 2019 Issue
Legal Issues in Social Media for Charities and Not-for-Profits
CRA News
-   CRA is Revising Form T3010 and Form T2050
-   Update to Info Sheet for Charities Completing their GST/HST Return
-   P113 - Gifts and Income Tax 2018
Legislation Update
-   Federal Budget to be Tabled on March 2019
-   Royal Assent Received for Alberta Bill 23, An Act to Renew Local Democracy in Alberta
Corporate Update
-   Yukon Territory Introduces New Societies Act
-   Amendments to Recordkeeping Requirements under Alberta Societies Act
Supreme Court Rules on "Reasonable Expectation of Privacy" in Voyeurism Case
Ontario Court Orders Access to Members' Email Addresses
Tax Court of Canada Finds Inflated Gift in Kind Values in Two Donation Programs
Charitable Status Revoked Due to Inadequate Books and Records
Characteristics of Employee Duties Found not to be Managerial or Supervisory
BC Court Releases Decision on Charities "Entrusting" Funds to Community Foundation
Failure to Enforce Trademarks can lead to a Loss of Trademark Rights
Privacy Issues Affecting Charities
Ottawa Region Charity & NFP Law Seminar Materials Available

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January 2019 Issue
"PPDDA" In, "Political Activities" Out: CRA's New Draft Guidance on PPDDA Open for Comment
CRA News
Legislation Update
-   Royal Assent Received for Bill C-86, Budget Implementation Act 2018, No.2
-   Proposed Amendments to Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations, SOR/2002-227
-   British Columbia Speculation and Vacancy Tax Act and Regulation 275/2018
Corporate Update
Court Declares Not-for-Profit Cemetery to be a Charitable Trust
Ontario Court Strikes Part of OSPCA's Special Act for Charter Violation
Ontario Bill 66 and O Reg 498/18 Propose Amendments to Employment Legislation
New Raffle Options for Charities in Ontario
Medical Cannabis Exclusion from Benefit Plan Not Discriminatory
More Changes to Trademark Law That Will Impact Charities and NFPs
The CRTC Updates its Website on FAQs about CASL
Draft Guidelines on the Territorial Scope of the GDPR
Final Order Involving the Humboldt Broncos' Crowdfunding Campaign
Update on Special Senate Committee on the Charitable Sector
-   Committee Mandate Extended until September 30, 2019
-   Committee Meetings of December 2018

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November 2018 Issue
Exciting Proposed Changes in Federal Government 2018 Fall Economic Statement
CRA News
-   Peel and Stick Bar Code Labels No Longer Provided with T3010 Package
-   Changing Your Fiscal Year-End Infographic
New Draft Legislation Permits Public Policy Dialogue by Charities Without Limitation
Update on Special Senate Committee on the Charitable Sector
-   Terrance S. Carter Presents on Bill C-86 on November 26, 2918
-   Summary of other Testimonies from November Meetings
Corporate Update
New Ontario Government Makes Major Changes to ESA
Corporate Registers of Real Property Interests Mandatory as of December 10, 2018
Other Legislation Update
-   Ontario Bill 48, Safe and Supportive Classrooms Act, 2018
-   BC Bill 44, Budget Measures Implementation (Employer Health Tax) Act, 2018
Procedural Fairness and Oppression Claim Upheld Against Hockey League
Ontario Court Permits Charity to Keep "No Strings Attached" Donation
Why Charities and Not-for-Profits Should Comply with PIPEDA
Date Set for New Trademark Law in Canada
CRTC Releases New Bulletin on CASL Compliance
Industrial Design Amendments Facilitate Canada's Accession to the Hague Agreement
House Committee Report on Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
Legal Risk Management Checklists for Ontario-based Charities and Not-for-Profits
The 25th Annual Church & Charity Law Seminar Materials - November 8, 2018
New Toronto Office Now Open

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October 2018 Issue
CRA Releases Draft Guidance on Charities and Public Policy Advocacy
Corporate Update
Legislation Update
-  Ontario Bill 41, Highway Traffic Amendment Act (Helmet Exemption for Sikh Motorcyclists), 2018
-  Ontario Police Record Checks Reform Act, 2015 and Regulations Coming into Force
-  BC's Information Collection Regulation Now in Effect
Ontario Superior Court of Justice Dismisses Oppression Claim Against Charity
Managing Cannabis in the Workplace in Ontario
Initial Order Involving the Humboldt Broncos' Crowdfunding Campaign
Ontario Bill Introduces Significant Changes to the Employment Standards Act
Special Senate Committee Update
The Impact of the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) on Privacy and IP Issues
Mowat Centre Report on Governance
Anti-Terrorism/Money Laundering Update
New Toronto Office Opening
Carters Mobile Friendly Websites

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