Charity & NFP Law Update
June 2020 Issue
-   Stage 2 of Reopening Ontario: An Overview for Charities and Not-For-Profits
-   COVID-19 Contact Tracing App in Canada will use Bluetooth
-   New Bill C-17, If Passed, Would Introduce New Changes Affecting Charities and NFPs
-   COVID-19 Rent Relief for Commercial Landlords and Tenants
-   New Infectious Disease Emergency Leave Provides Relief to Ontario Employers
-   CRA News
-   Federal Government Launches 2021 Pre-Budget Consultations
-   Mitigating Financial Losses and Navigating the Courts During COVID-19
-   Imagine Canada Publishes Report on Charities and COVID-19
-   Legislative Proposals for Journalism Organizations under the ITA
-   Corporate Update
-   Ontario Court Upholds Wall in Unincorporated Association Decision
-   WIPO Decision Highlights Importance of Maintaining Domain Name Registration
-   AML/ATF Update

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May 2020 Issue
Ontario Court of Appeal Overturns Finding of Charitable Purpose Trust
-   New Details on COVID-19 Federal Response Programs
-   CRA Statement Regarding Charity Registration Applications
-   COVID-19 Corporate Update
-   Ontario Allows Gatherings for Religious Services as "Drive-ins"
-   OPC Provides Privacy Tips for Using Videoconferencing Services
-   New Changes to the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy ("CEWS")
-   BCFSA Clarifies Position on Gifts of Life Insurance
-   BC Court of Appeal Reverses Decision Ordering Return of Charitable Gift
-   Lexpert Ranking

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April 2020 Issue

Direction and Control: Current Regime and Alternatives
-   Ontario PGT Allows Access to Restricted Charitable Purpose Funds
-   COVID-19 Federal Government Support for Charities and NFPs
-   COVID-19 CRA News
-   COVID-19 Provincial Emergency Relief for AGM and Annual Return Filing Deadlines
-   Practical Strategies for Dealing with Termination of Contracts in a Pandemic
-   Federal Privacy Commissioner Releases Privacy Framework for COVID-19
-   Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (“CEWS”): An Overview for Charities and NFPs
-   Corporate Update
-   Ontario Court Decision Provides Reminder to Carefully Follow By-laws
-   Membership in Religious Society Reinstated by Court for Unfair Expulsion
-   Carters is Pleased to Welcome Heidi LeBlanc as a New Associate
-   Friend of CAGP Award
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March 2020 Issue
Carters' Response to COVID-19
Due Diligence by Directors and Officers of Charities and NFPs in Response to COVID-19
Employer Obligations and Considerations in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
NFP Board and Members' Meetings Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic
COVID-19 and Performance of Contracts
Privacy and Data Security in Response to COVID-19
Federal and Ontario Measures in Response to COVID-19 Impacting Charities and Not-for-Profits

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February 2020 Issue

Competition Bureau’s Role in Digital Advertising: Implications for Charities and Not-for-Profits
CRA News
-  Excise and GST/HST News No. 107
-  CRA Introduces Digital Processes for Authorizations
-  CRA Charities and Information Sessions and Webinars
CAGP Provides Update on Gifts of Life Insurance in B.C.
Legislation Update 
-  Bill C-7, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (medical assistance in dying)
-  Ontario Bill 175, Connecting People to Home and Community Care Act, 2020
-  Ontario Bill 136, Provincial Animal Welfare Services Act, 2019 Now Proclaimed
Donation Receipts Signed by and in Favour of Charity Officer Denied
Tax Court of Canada Rejects Charitable Donation Scheme… Again
Ontario Court Rules on Trusts in Scouts Land Ownership Dispute
One Incident of Sexual Harassment Justified Termination for Cause
BC Court Finds Indigenous Ceremonies in School Did Not Violate Freedom of Religion
Ministry of Health Revokes its Hospital Naming Directive
Recent Issues in Privacy: Case Law Update
New Canadian UDRP Provider for Resolving Domain Name Disputes
Anti-Terrorism/Money Laundering Update 
-   Further Amendments to Regulations under the PCMLTFA
-   US 2020 National Strategy for Combating Terrorist and Other Illicit Financing
-   UN Working Paper on Impact of Counter-terrorism Legislation on Humanitarian Action
Essential Trademark Issues for Charity and Not-For-Profit Lawyers
Theresa L.M. Man Named to CRA Technical Issues Working Group

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January 2020 Issue
The CRA's Guidance on Journalism: Clarifying Tax Credits, QCJOs and RJOs
Advisory Committee on the Charitable Sector Holds December Meetings
Legislation Update
-   Provisions of Budget Implementation Act No. 1, 2019 Now In Force
-   Proposed Changes to Employee Stock Option Regime Delayed
-   2020 Budget Consultations in Ontario
-   Ontario Regulations under the Connecting Care Act, 2019
-   Alberta Senate Election Act
-   Nova Scotia's Plastic Bags Reduction Act
-   Yukon's New Liquor Act
Corporate Update
-   ONCA Coming into Force Delayed
-   Updated Policies on Corrections of Articles or a Certificate for Business and Not-for-Profit Corporations
-   Corporations Canada Makes Changes for Online Services to Not-for-Profits
-   Certain Amendments to Ontario's Co-operative Corporations Act in Force
-   New Brunswick's Cooperatives Act Proclaimed in Force
Voluntary Association's Constitution and By-Laws Found to be Contractual
Tax Court Decision on Split Receipting and Donative Intent Upheld on Appeal
Federal Court of Appeal Holds that Atheism is not a Religion
CRA Technical Interpretation Regarding Loanbacks by a Qualified Donee
CRA Technical Interpretation on Prescribed Rates and Undue Benefits
Termination Clause Found to be Void and Unenforceable by the Court of Appeal
The Federal Court Establishes the Test for a Site-blocking Order
Alberta Court of Appeal Rules that Charter Applies to Freedom of Expression by Students on University Campus
Anti-Terrorism/Money Laundering Update
-   Global Fragility Act of 2019
-   EU Renews its Terrorist List
-   OSFI Ceases Publishing Lists of Designated Persons
Charities Legislation & Commentary, 2020 Edition Now Available

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November 2019 Issue
Recent Developments in IT Law Affecting Charities and NFPs 
CRA News
-   Update to the Guide for Completing Form T3010 Registered Charity Information Return 
Legislation Update 
-   Ontario Bill 124, Protecting a Sustainable Public Sector for Future Generations Act, 2019, Receives Royal Assent 
-   Schedule 31 of Ontario Bill 100, Protecting What Matters Most Act (Budget Measures), 2019 Proclaimed into Force
-   Ontario Bill 138, Plan to Build Ontario Together Act, 2019 at Second Reading
-   Ontario Bill 136, Provincial Animal Welfare Services Act, 2019, Second Reading Debates
-   Part X of the Child, Youth and Family Services Act, 2017 (Ontario) Coming into Force
Corporate Update 
-   Amendments to Nova Scotia's Co-operative Associations Act
-   Proposed Amendments to Ontario's Co-Operative Corporations Act 
CRA Indicates Meals Supplied by Charities to Seniors Are Not Generally Taxable
Alberta Court Finds Society's By-law Invalid due to Inadequate Approval
Ontario Court Reluctant to Intervene in Seminary Board Dispute 
Employee Taking Videos of Customer Results in Termination for Cause
Privacy Law Update 
-   One Year Anniversary - OPC Reviews the First Full Year of Mandatory Data Breach Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements 
-   Canadian Bar Association Submissions on Privacy Act Modernization
Accessibility Compliance Reporting and Accessible Websites Deadlines Approaching 
Ontario Nonprofit Network Publishes Report on Sector Survey
Imagine Canada Publishes Report on Corporate Community Contributions 
The 26th Annual Church & Charity Law Seminar November 7, 2019

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October 2019 Issue
Proposed New Uniform Public Appeals and Crowdfunding Act
Legislation Update
-   Ontario Proposes Exemptions to Food Premises Regulation 493/17
-   Quebec Bill 13 Amends Act respecting the Quebec sales tax
CRA Provides View on Donations by Alter Ego Trusts After Settlor's Death
CCIC Policy Brief Addresses Direction and Control and Anti-Terrorism in Canada
Ontario Court Upholds Membership Election of New Directors in Governance Dispute
Court of Appeal Considers Freedom of Religion in Determination of Death
Tribunal Awards Considerable Damages for Discriminatory Hiring Practice
Grace Period to Ensure Compliance with French Signage Laws in Quebec Ending Soon
IAPP and EY Jointly Release Privacy Governance Report
Legal Risk Management Checklists for Ontario-based Charities and Not-for-Profits
Legal Challenges and Options for Boards in Transition

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September 2019 Issue
Court of Appeal Holds Communications to Alter Grant is Lobbying
CRA News
OPC Concludes Consultation on Data Transfers
Corporate Update
Federal Court Interprets Discipline Section of the CNCA
Alberta Appeal Court Upholds Decision Denying Third Party Standing to Bring Court Application
British Columbia Court Reinstates Membership in Procedural Fairness Case
Legalization and Sale of Cannabis Edibles and Workplace Impairment Issues
New Model Crowdfunding Legislation from the Uniform Law Conference of Canada
Distinctiveness of Trademarks
Anti-Terrorism/Money Laundering Update
Chambers and Partners Rankings 2020
Branding and Copyright for Charities and Non-Profit Organizations, 3rd Edition

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August 2019 Issue
Lobbying and Elections Legislation in Canada: An Introduction for Charities and Not-for-Profits
Corporate Update
-   Corporations Canada Updates Policies under CNCA
-   BC Consultation on Proposed Societies Act Amendments
-   BC Civil Resolution Tribunal Has Jurisdiction over Certain Society and Cooperative Disputes
Consultation and Proposed Changes to the Tax Treatment of Employee Stock Options
Qualified Donee Status Suspended for Inadequate Records of Expenses Outside Canada
Charitable Status Revoked for Inadequate Recordkeeping and Conferring Private Benefits
Alberta Court Considers Rights of a Corporation to Dispute Dissolution of a Related Society
Court of Appeal Reduces Termination Notice
Privacy Law Update
-   Federal Government Announces Cybersecurity Voluntary Certification Program
-   Ontario Privacy Commissioner Releases 2018 Annual Report
-   Canadian Bar Association Submission on Transfers of Information for Processing
Trademark Applicants Beware of Unexpected Government Fees
Federal Government Announces Full Membership of Advisory Committee on Charitable Sector
Anti-Terrorism/Money Laundering Update
-   Regulations under the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act
-   Public Safety Canada Updates List of Suspected Terrorist Groups
-   FATF Releases Terrorist Financing Risk Assessment Guidance
Inclusion in Best Lawyers in Canada 2020

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June 2019 Issue
Special Senate Committee on Charitable Sector Releases Final Report
CRA News
-   Electronic Filing System for Charities (CHAMP) Now Active
Legislation Update
-   Bill C-97, Budget Implementation Act, 2019, No. 1, Receives Royal Assent
-   Bill C-59, An Act respecting national security matters, Receives Royal Assent
-   Trademarks Act Amendments Now in Force
-   Ontario Bill 117, OPSCA (Interim Period), 2019 Receives Royal Assent
-   Bill 116, Foundations for Promoting and Protecting Mental Health and Addictions Services Act, 2019
Corporate Update
-   New Regulations Amending the Canada Not-for Profit Corporations Regulations and Canada Cooperatives Regulations
OPC Reframes Consultation on Data Transfers
Trademark Amendments In Force: What To Do Now
Duty to Accommodate Ends When Employment Contract is Frustrated
Alberta Privacy Commissioner Finds Real Risk of Significant Harm from Accidental Email
Anti-Terrorism/Money Laundering Update
-   Joint Statement by Federal, Provincial and Territorial Governments
-   Last FATF Plenary Meeting for the 2018-2019 Period
-   Consortium for Financial Access Releases Guidance to Address Issue of De-risking
Theresa L.M. Man to Chair CBA 2019-2020 Charities and Not-forProfit Law Section

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May 2019 Issue
Implications of Ontario Budget Cuts for Ontario Not-For-Profits
CRA News
-   New Information Webpages on Supporting Canadian Journalism
-   CRA Launches Online Consultation on Educational Initiatives for Charitable Sector
-   CRA List of Charities Webpage Moved in Preparation of Charities IT Modernization Project
Legislation Update
-   Prince Edward Island Lobbyists Registration Act in Force
-   New Brunswick Updates Minimum Wage for Counsellor and Program Staff at Residential Summer Camps Regulation
Corporate Update
-   Update on the ONCA
-   BC Public Benefit Companies Introduced through Bill M 209
Canada Introduces Digital Charter and Proposes Reforms to PIPEDA
Federal Court of Appeal Overturns Heffel Decision on Gifts of Cultural Property
Primer on Donor Advised Funds and Current Issues
BC Court Grants Oppression Remedy under Societies Act
Refusal to Grant Injunction Regarding Alberta Schools Act Upheld by Appeal Court
Ontario Court of Appeal Affirms Patients' Right to Effective Referral
Ontario Court Orders Damages Relating to 'Revenge' Videos Posted Online
Act Now: Canada's Trademark Law Changes are Less Than a Month Away
Former President of Corporation Found Liable for CASL Violations
Special Senate Committee Update
Jane Burke-Robertson Award of Excellence in Charity and Not-For-Profit Law

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April 2019 Issue
OPC Signals Policy Change for Data Transfers Across Borders
Legislation Update
-   Bill C-97, Budget Implementation Act, 2019, No. 1
-   Proposed Regulatory Amendments under the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014 and Education Act
-   Ontario Bill 66, Restoring Ontario's Competitiveness Act, 2019
CRA Publishes Compliance Guides on Digital Currency
CRA Responds to 2017 Consultation Panel Report on Political Activities of Charitie
Ontario Bill 47 Creates Province-Wide Super Agency to Replace LHINs
Applying for Federal Incorporation and Charitable Status
Employee Dismissed for Vaping Cannabis and Driving Employer's Car
Changes to Trademarks Definition and Registrability Coming
Court Denies Leave to Non-Profit to be Represented by Non-Lawyer
Consultation on Social Finance Fund Announced
Special Senate Committee Update

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March 2019 Issue
CRA News
-   New Advisory Committee on the Charitable Sector Announced
-   Reminder to Update Receipts
Corporate Update
-   New Regulations Amending the Canada Not-for Profit Corporations Regulations
-   New Regulations Amending the Canada Cooperatives Regulations
CRA Announces New Reporting Requirements in Light of PPDDA Changes
Federal Budget 2019: Impact on Charities and Not-For-Profits
Waiver Held Unenforceable for Not Contemplating Circumstances of Claim
Court of Appeal Upholds Decision to Dismiss s. 6 CAA Application
Defamation Action Against Charity Can Proceed
Court of Appeal Rejects Tort of Harassment
Act Soon Before New Trademarks Law Comes Into Effect
Adjudicator Reviews Scope of Obligation to Search for Records under PHIPA
Statistics Canada Publishes New Study on Non-Profit Sector
Special Senate Committee Update
Anti-Terrorism/Money Laundering Update
-   Changes to Canada's AML/ATF regime in Budget 2019
-   Charity Alleged to have Links to Terrorist Group
-   Public Safety Canada Updates List of Suspected Terrorist Groups
-   Update to US National Terrorist Financing Risk Assessment

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February 2019 Issue
Legal Issues in Social Media for Charities and Not-for-Profits
CRA News
-   CRA is Revising Form T3010 and Form T2050
-   Update to Info Sheet for Charities Completing their GST/HST Return
-   P113 - Gifts and Income Tax 2018
Legislation Update
-   Federal Budget to be Tabled on March 2019
-   Royal Assent Received for Alberta Bill 23, An Act to Renew Local Democracy in Alberta
Corporate Update
-   Yukon Territory Introduces New Societies Act
-   Amendments to Recordkeeping Requirements under Alberta Societies Act
Supreme Court Rules on "Reasonable Expectation of Privacy" in Voyeurism Case
Ontario Court Orders Access to Members' Email Addresses
Tax Court of Canada Finds Inflated Gift in Kind Values in Two Donation Programs
Charitable Status Revoked Due to Inadequate Books and Records
Characteristics of Employee Duties Found not to be Managerial or Supervisory
BC Court Releases Decision on Charities "Entrusting" Funds to Community Foundation
Failure to Enforce Trademarks can lead to a Loss of Trademark Rights
Privacy Issues Affecting Charities
Ottawa Region Charity & NFP Law Seminar Materials Available

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January 2019 Issue
"PPDDA" In, "Political Activities" Out: CRA's New Draft Guidance on PPDDA Open for Comment
CRA News
Legislation Update
-   Royal Assent Received for Bill C-86, Budget Implementation Act 2018, No.2
-   Proposed Amendments to Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations, SOR/2002-227
-   British Columbia Speculation and Vacancy Tax Act and Regulation 275/2018
Corporate Update
Court Declares Not-for-Profit Cemetery to be a Charitable Trust
Ontario Court Strikes Part of OSPCA's Special Act for Charter Violation
Ontario Bill 66 and O Reg 498/18 Propose Amendments to Employment Legislation
New Raffle Options for Charities in Ontario
Medical Cannabis Exclusion from Benefit Plan Not Discriminatory
More Changes to Trademark Law That Will Impact Charities and NFPs
The CRTC Updates its Website on FAQs about CASL
Draft Guidelines on the Territorial Scope of the GDPR
Final Order Involving the Humboldt Broncos' Crowdfunding Campaign
Update on Special Senate Committee on the Charitable Sector
-   Committee Mandate Extended until September 30, 2019
-   Committee Meetings of December 2018

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November 2018 Issue
Exciting Proposed Changes in Federal Government 2018 Fall Economic Statement
CRA News
-   Peel and Stick Bar Code Labels No Longer Provided with T3010 Package
-   Changing Your Fiscal Year-End Infographic
New Draft Legislation Permits Public Policy Dialogue by Charities Without Limitation
Update on Special Senate Committee on the Charitable Sector
-   Terrance S. Carter Presents on Bill C-86 on November 26, 2918
-   Summary of other Testimonies from November Meetings
Corporate Update
New Ontario Government Makes Major Changes to ESA
Corporate Registers of Real Property Interests Mandatory as of December 10, 2018
Other Legislation Update
-   Ontario Bill 48, Safe and Supportive Classrooms Act, 2018
-   BC Bill 44, Budget Measures Implementation (Employer Health Tax) Act, 2018
Procedural Fairness and Oppression Claim Upheld Against Hockey League
Ontario Court Permits Charity to Keep "No Strings Attached" Donation
Why Charities and Not-for-Profits Should Comply with PIPEDA
Date Set for New Trademark Law in Canada
CRTC Releases New Bulletin on CASL Compliance
Industrial Design Amendments Facilitate Canada's Accession to the Hague Agreement
House Committee Report on Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
Legal Risk Management Checklists for Ontario-based Charities and Not-for-Profits
The 25th Annual Church & Charity Law Seminar Materials - November 8, 2018
New Toronto Office Now Open

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October 2018 Issue
CRA Releases Draft Guidance on Charities and Public Policy Advocacy
Corporate Update
Legislation Update
-  Ontario Bill 41, Highway Traffic Amendment Act (Helmet Exemption for Sikh Motorcyclists), 2018
-  Ontario Police Record Checks Reform Act, 2015 and Regulations Coming into Force
-  BC's Information Collection Regulation Now in Effect
Ontario Superior Court of Justice Dismisses Oppression Claim Against Charity
Managing Cannabis in the Workplace in Ontario
Initial Order Involving the Humboldt Broncos' Crowdfunding Campaign
Ontario Bill Introduces Significant Changes to the Employment Standards Act
Special Senate Committee Update
The Impact of the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) on Privacy and IP Issues
Mowat Centre Report on Governance
Anti-Terrorism/Money Laundering Update
New Toronto Office Opening
Carters Mobile Friendly Websites

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September 2018 Issue
Draft Income Tax Act Changes Proposed for Political Activities by Charities
CRA News
-  Release of Charities IT Modernization Project Delayed
-  Mailing Address for T3010 to be Amended
Mandatory Breach of Personal Information Regime Comes Into Effect November 1, 2018
Tax Court Decision on Misrepresentation Attributable to Neglect by Non-Profit
The Public Service Bodies Rebate for Volunteer Reimbursements and Allowances
Tribunal Rules that Eligibility to Work Permanently in Canada is Discriminatory
Special Senate Committee Update
Recommendations for a Canadian Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy
Appeal Court in England Upholds Decision that Members of Charity are Fiduciaries
Lexpert Rankings 2018
Chambers and Partners Rankings 2018

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August 2018 Issue
Ontario Decision is a Game Changer for Charities and Political Activities
Legislation Update
-  Draft Tax Legislative Proposals Released
-  Amendments Passed for Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations, SOR/2002-227
Corporate Update
-  New Online Filing Service for Registered Intermediaries Available
-  British Columbia Bill M 216, Business Corporations Amendment Act, 2018 Passes Second Reading
Guidance on Social Investments Released by the Ontario PGT
Federal Court Ruling May Affect Art Donation Exports
Excess Corporate Holdings of Private Foundations under Alter-Ego Trusts
Court of Appeal: Termination Clause Excludes Common Law Damages
Federal Court Upholds Privacy of Personal Information Against CRA
Canadian Presence Not Always Required to Establish Use of Trademark
Cemetery Case Highlights Need for Good Recordkeeping
CBA Submits Recommendations for 2019 Pre-Budget Consultations
Data Breach Costs in Canada Among the Highest in the World - Ponemon Institute Study
Anti-Terrorism/Money Laundering Update
-  International Tax Crime Alliance Formed: Joint Chiefs of Global Tax Enforcement
Carters is Pleased to Welcome Luis R. Chacin as a New Associate
Inclusion in Best Lawyers in Canada 2019

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June 2018 Issue
SCC Upholds Denial of Accreditation of Trinity Western Due To Mandatory Covenant
CRA News
Legislation Update
-  Bill C-74, Budget Implementation Act, 2018, No. 1 receives Royal Assent
-  Federal Safe Food for Canadians Regulations Published
-  Pre-Budget Consultations for 2019 Budget
-  Mandatory Breach Reporting under Alberta's Health Information Act Coming into Force
Corporate Update
-  Consultation on Proposed Service Fees
-  New Interactive Tool on Corporations Canada's Website
Tax Court Rules on the Appropriate Methodology for Valuing Wine Donations
Supreme Court Upholds Religious Autonomy in Wall Decision
Reporting Obligations for Directors, Trustees and Like Officials and Timing Issues
Ontario Court Dismisses s. 6 CAA Application for Financial Disclosure
BC Court Holds Land Transfer to be Gift Rather Than Trust
Government Signals Changes to PIPEDA Needed
Special Senate Committee Update
Reduced Employee Benefits After Age 65 Found to be Discriminatory
UK Charity Fined £100,000 for Personal Data Breach
Anti-Terrorism/Money Laundering Update
-  Regulations Addressing Virtual Currencies Published
-  Amendments to the Criminal Code in Bill C-74, Budget Implementation Act, 2018, No. 1

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May 2018 Issue
OPGT Releases Guidance on Payments to Directors
Supreme Court of Canada Releases Decision in the Wall Case
CRA News
Legislation Update
-  Ontario Bill 31, Plan for Care and Opportunity Act (Budget Measures), 2018
-  Child, Youth and Family Services Act, 2017 Proclaimed
-  Ontario Bill 3, Pay Transparency Act, 2018 Receives Royal Assent
-  Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 2017 and Regulations coming into force July 1, 2018
-  New O Reg. 232/18 Inclusionary Zoning under Planning Act
-  Regulations under Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014 Amended
-  Quebec Bill 175, An Act to amend the Taxation Act, the Act respecting the Quebec sales tax and other legislative provisions
-  Saskatchewan Bill 128, The Provincial Sales Tax Amendment Act, 2018
Corporate Update
-  Bill C-25 Receives Royal Assent
-  New Direct Access to Corporations Canada Examiners for Registered Intermediaries
New Online Guidelines from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
Tax Issues on the Wind-up of Charities: Budget 2018 Expansion of Eligible Donees and Beyond
GDPR Now in Force
Special Senate Committee Update
Standing Senate Committee Publishes Report on Social Finance
Federal Court Upholds Photographer's Copyright and Moral Rights
Employer Not Liable for Sexual Assault
514-Billets Enters Into Voluntary Undertaking for CASL Violation
Public Holiday Pay Review
Federal Government Launches Intellectual Property Strategy
US Court Holds Pledge to be Enforceable Contract
Charity Commission Publishes Report on Insider Fraud Affecting Charities
Anti-Terrorism/Money Laundering Update

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April 2018 Issue
Special Senate Committee Begins Study on Charitable Sector
CRA News
-  Guide RC4082, GST/HST Information for Charities Updated
-  New CRA Video and Webpage on Issuing Donation Receipts for Golf Tournament Fundraisers Legislation Update
Legislation Update
-  New Data Breach Reporting Regime under PIPEDA in Force on November 1, 2018
-  Draft Regulations under Ontario's Health Sector Payment Transparency Act, 2017
-  BC's Bill 2, Budget Measures Implementation Act, 2018
Tax Court of Canada Rules on Split Receipting and Donative Intente
Implications of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation in Canada
Court Finds Charity Liable to its President for Demand Loan and Value of Other Benefits
Proposed Regulations under the Police Record Checks Reform Act, 2015
Human Rights Tribunal Awards $75,000 in Damages to Intern
Government of Canada Provides Response to CASL Report

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March 2018 Issue
The 2018 Ontario Budget: Impact on Charities and Not-for-Profits
CRA News
-  New Business Numbers No Longer Required for Internal Divisions
-  CRA Releases Video on Gift Certificates and Gift Cards
Legislation Update
-  Federal Bill C-74, Budget Implementation Act, 2018, No. 1
-  Ontario Bill 193, Rowan's Law (Concussion Safety), 2018 and Rowans Law Consultations
-  Ontario Bill 3, Pay Transparency Act, 2018
-  Ontario Bill 14, Personal Information Protection Act, 2018
-  Amendments to Regulations under the Ontario Charities Accounting Act
-  Proposed changes to Regulation 166/11 under Retirement Homes Act
-  Proposed changes to Regulation 79/10 under Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007
-  Proposed Regulation on exemptions to Ticket Sales Act, 2017
Ministry of Finance Clarifies Changes Concerning Prescribed Universities
Corporate Update
-  Bill C-25 Passed
Newfoundland Court Finds Archdiocese Not Liable for Child Abuse
Privacy Regulations Recognize CRA's RAD as Investigative Body
CRA Releases Interpretation on Gifts of Securities Made by Executors
Regulations Concerning Directors' Remuneration Coming into Force
Court Affirms Student Groups Did Not Violate Natural Justice
Court Reviews Common Employer Doctrine
Prepare Now for Upcoming Changes to Trademark Law
House of Commons Standing Committee Report on PIPEDA
Anti-Terrorism/Money Laundering Update
-  FATF Publishes Financing of Recruitment for Terrorist Purposes
-  FATF FATF International Stakeholder Dialogue on Financial Services for NPOss

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February 2018 Issue
Federal Budget 2018: Impact on Charities and Not-for-Profits
CRA News
-  CRA Reminder to Update Donation Tax Receipt URLs
-  P113 - Gifts and Income Tax 2017 Updated to Include Ecological Gifts
Legislation Update
-  Members of Senate's Special Committee on the Charitable Sector Appointed
-  Amendments to Ontario Co-operatives Corporations Act
-  Amendments to NB Companies Act
-  Lobbying Registration Act (PEI)
Court Rejects Church Application for Permanent Injunction in Property Dispute
Court of Appeal Upholds Common Law Exclusion in Termination Clause
Interlocutory Injunction Denied for the 2018 Canada Summer Jobs Program
Reconciling Physician and Patient Rights
Baseball Trademark Gives Rise to Human Rights Claim
Internal Disciplinary Decision is Not Subject to Judicial Review
Privacy Commissioner Releases Draft Position Paper on Online Reputation
The Investment Spectrum for Charities, Including Social Investments
Charitable Sector Reform Paper by The Pemsel Case Foundation
Anti-Terrorism/Money Laundering Update
-  Reviewing Canada's Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Regime
-  FATF President Delivers Anti-Terrorist Financing Briefing to United Nations
Ottawa Region Charity & NFP Law Seminar Materials Available

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January 2018 Issue
When Waivers Fail: The Impact of Imprecise Language and Resulting Liability
CRA News
-  Updates to T4063, Registering a Charity for Income Tax Purposes
-  Implementation of Proposed Changes to VDP
-  New Video - Who is the True Donor of this Gift?
Legislation Update
-  Senate Adopts Motion to Appoint Special Committee on Charitable Sector
-  Bill C-63, Budget Implementation Act No. 2, Receives Royal Assent
-  Bill C-305, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (mischief), Receives Royal Assent
-  Ontario Bill 155, Life Leases Act, 2017
-  Ontario Bill 193, Rowan's Law (Concussion Safety), 2017
-  Ontario Bill 160, Strengthening Quality and Accountability for Patients Act, 2017 Receives Royal Assent
-  Amendments to Ontario's Occupational Health and Safety Act now in force
-  Ontario Regulation 79/10 under Long-Term Care Homes Act now in force
-  Amendments to CYFSA and New Regulations Proposed under the Child, Youth and Family Services Act, 2017
-  Quebec Bill 146 Implementing Fiscal Measures Affecting Charities
-  Saskatchewan Bill 55, The Provincial Health Authority Act
Corporate Update
-  Canada Corporations Act Provisions and Regulations Repealed
-  Ontario Government Targets Early 2020 for ONCA Proclamation
-  Additional Changes to OCA in Force on January 13, 2018
-  Corporate Documents Available for Purchase from Corporations Canada
Jewish Day School Teachers Held Ineligible for Clergy Residence Deduction
GST/HST Ruling on Qualifying NPOs and the Public Service Body Rebate
Child, Youth and Family Services Act, 2018 Draft Privacy Regulations Posted
Delaying the Enforcement of Your Copyright May Cost You
House Committee Releases Report on CASL
Amendments to Ontario Workplace Safety Legislation in Force
Alberta Court Denies Challenge Brought Six Years After Passing of Bylaw
Minister Prohibited from Dealing in Mutual Funds with Congregation
New Guide Published on Fundraising under Australian Consumer Law

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November 2017 Issue
Bill 148 Passes Bringing Major Changes to Ontario Employment Legislation
CRA Announces New Charities Education Program
Legislation Update
-  Bill C-63, Budget Implementation Act, No. 2, 2017
-  Bill C-51, An Act to amend the Criminal Code and the Department of Justice Act and to make consequential amendments to another Act
-  Budget Consultations
-  Ontario Bill 148, Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017
-  Ontario Bill 154 Receives Royal Assent
-  Ontario Seniors Active Living Centres Act, 2017 now in force
-  Changes to Ontario Condominium Act, 1998
-  Restriction on Frequent Charitable Auction Liquor Permits Repealed in BC
Certain OCA Amendments Under Bill 154 Now In Effect
Social Investments Now Permitted under Charities Accounting Act
Supreme Court of Canada Clarifies the Scope of Freedom of Religion
Ontario Court Rejects Corporate Actions Contrary to By-law
Ontario Court of Appeal Upholds Unenforceable Gift Due to Insufficient Funds
Ontario Court of Appeal Upholds Denial of Religious Accommodation Request
Provincial Legislation Held Applicable to Federal Not-for-Profit
Woman Filmed Jogging Without Consent Awarded for Breach of Privacy
Imagine Canada Submits Anti-Spam Recommendations to House of Commons
Anti-Terrorism/Money Laundering Law Update
-  Facilitation Payment Exemption in Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act Repealed
-  FATF Adopts Guidance on AML/CFT Measures and Financial Inclusion
OFSI Releases Factsheet on Financial Sanction Compliance for Charities
Legal Risk Management Checklists for Ontario-based Charities and Not-for-Profits
The 24th Annual Church & Charity Law Seminar Materials - November 9, 2017

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October 2017 Issue
Bill 154 - Proposed Amendments to ONCA
Legislation Update
-  Explanatory Notes on changes to Tax Legislation and Regulations Released
-  National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians Act and Regulations
-  Ontario Bill 154, Cutting Unnecessary Red Tape Act, 2017 Status Update
-  Ontario Bill 160, Strengthening Quality and Accountability for Patients Act, 2017
-  Ontario Bill 166, Strengthening Protection for Ontario Consumers Act, 2017
CRA News
Parent Charity Permitted to Change Governance Structure
Directors' Actions Lead to Not-for-Profit's Workplace Discrimination Liability
#YourCharityName as a Trademark
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Publishes Hospital Naming Directive
Register Trademarks Before Amendments Take Effect
Omnibus Bill Proposes Changes to Ontario Healthcare Law
Ontario Bar Association Submission on Bill 154
Anti-Terrorism Law Update
-  National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians Act and Regulations
-  Objectives of the Financial Action Task Force's Presidency for 2017-2018
"Update on Charity Law" Resource Paper
Charities Legislation & Commentary, 2018 Edition Available for Pre-Order

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September 2017 Issue
CRA News
-  The CRA to Update Business Numbers to Provide e-Services Starting in November 2018
-  The CRA Releases New Guidance on Head Bodies and Internal Divisions
-  Changes to the CRA's CG-014 CED Guidance
-  New Webpage Outlining B.C. Societies Act Transition Process
Legislation Update
-  Bill 154, Cutting Unnecessary Red Tape, 2017
-  Bill 149, Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions Act, 2017
-  Proposed Amendments to Regulation 79/10 under Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007
-  Proposed Breach of Security Safeguards Regulations under PIPEDA
Bill 154 - Proposed Amendments to OCA
Bill 154 to Permit Social Investments in Ontario
Unfunded Cheque Results in Unenforceable Gift
Charitable Form Filing Requirements in Quebec
The Leveraged Donation Program that Led to Charity Losing Its Registered Status
Proposed Breach of Security Safeguards Regulations under PIPEDA
Employer's Right to Require an Independent Medical Examination
Equifax Breach Demonstrates What Not to Do
Human Rights Tribunal Upholds Discrimination Decision Against Landlord
Rowan's Law Advisory Committee Recommends Action on Concussions
Court in England Holds Members of Charities as Fiduciaries
Law Commission Provides Recommendations for Charity Law Reform
Carters is Pleased to Welcome Michelle E. Baik as a New Associate

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August 2017 Issue
Tribunal Upholds Religious School Right to Reject Applicants Based on Creed
CRA News
-  New Videos on the CRA Website
-  Update to HST/GST Info Sheet GI-121
-  CRA Courtesy Calls to Charities
Legislation Update
-  National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians
-  PHIPA Regulations Update
-  Child, Youth and Family Services Act, 2017
-  Implementation of Patients First Act, 2016
-  Gender Identity or Expression
Corporate Update
Proposed Ontario Regulations Authorizing Charitable Corporations to Pay Directors in Limited Situations
Proposed Changes to the Voluntary Disclosures Program (VDP) Put in Context
CRTC Issues Undertaking Under CASL Alleging Personal Liability
Supreme Court Rules Google Must Block Certain Search Results Globally
Orders Amending By-laws outside the Jurisdiction of Arbitrators
Court of Appeal Upholds Clubman's Veto
Gender Identity or Expression Now Prohibited Grounds of Discrimination
Information and Privacy Commissioner Reports on "Big Data" Raises Privacy Concerns
Anti-Terrorism Law Update
-  Court of Appeal Upholds Ruling Against Iran
Best Lawyers in Canada 2018
Lexpert Rankings 2017

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June 2017 Issue
CASL Private Right of Action Suspended
CRA News
-  Changes Coming to Charitable Registration Application Process
-  Famine Relief Fund
Legislation Update
-  Budget Implementation Act, 2017
-  Protecting Patients Act, 2017
Corporate Update
Special Committee Proposed for Review of Charitable Sector
Mowat NFP Lays the Groundwork for Regulatory Reform for Charities
Recent GST/HST Rulings
Ontario Employment Standards Act Changes Proposed
Trustees Held to Good Faith Standards
Privacy Implications of Conducting Social Media Background Checks
Polish Association of Toronto Limited v. The Polish Alliance of Canada
Facebook Forum Selection Clause Unenforceable
Settlement Agreement in Wal-Mart Privacy Class Action Approved
Considerations in Drafting Restricted Purpose Charitable Trusts
Anti-Terrorism Law Update
-  New National Security Bill C-59 Introduced
-  Impact of Bill C-44 on Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act
24th Annual Church and Charity Law Seminar - Early Bird Registration now Available

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May 2017 Issue
Sweeping Changes Recommended in Report on Political Activities
Corporate Update
-  Corporations Canada Increases Online Services
-  BC Releases Guide for Transitioning Societies
CRA Issues a Technical Interpretation of Charities Returning Gifts
Income Tax Treatment for Monies Paid to Support Refugees
Administrative Penalty Assessed for False Statements on Donation Receipts
July 1st CASL Deadline Looms
Electronic Liability Release Held Enforceable
Ontario Medical Assistance in Dying Legislation Receives Royal Assent
Court Awards Damages in Internet Photo Copyright Infringement
Supreme Court of Canada Refused Leave to Appeal in Crossing Guard Case
Court Resolves Disputes between Struggling "Factions" of a Non-Profit Club
Jedi Order Denied Charitable Status for Advancement of Religion
OBA Proposes Changes to Investment Powers in the Trustee Act
Anti-Terrorism Law Update
-  U.S. and Saudi Arabia to Co-Chair New Terrorist Financing Targeting Center
-  New Study on the Impact of International Counter-Terrorism on Civil Society Organisations Released
Healthcare Philanthropy Check-Up 2017
Spring 2017 Carters Charity & NFP Webinar Series
24th Annual Church and Charity Law Seminar - Save the Date

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April 2017 Issue
Social Worker Pleads Guilty to Personal Health Information Violation
CRA News
-  Excise and GST/HST News No. 101
-  Split-receipting and Deemed Fair Market Value Folio Updated
The End of Double Registration for Charities in Quebec
SCC Grants Leave to Appeal from Case Involving Unfair Church Discipline
"Armchair Rule" Used by Court to Determine Whether Gift was an Endowment or Expendable
Employee Successfully Sues Employer for Harassment
Anti-Terrorism Law Update
Healthcare Philanthropy Check-Up 2017
Spring 2017 Carters Charity & NFP Webinar Series
24th Annual Church and Charity Law Seminar - Save the Date

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March 2017 Issue
Patients First Act Becomes Law in Ontario
CRA News
Federal Budget 2017: Impact on Charities and Not-For-Profits
Supreme Court of Canada Grants Leave to Appeal in Trinity Western University Cases
Church Successfully Defends Personal Injury Lawsuit from Volunteer
Court of Appeal Rules Termination Clause Unenforceable
OPC Publishes Guidance on the Disclosure of Personal Information by Organizations
Budget Proposal Eliminates Express Consent Required to Deliver T4s Electronically to Active Employees
Carters is Pleased to Welcome Two New Lawyers
Ottawa Office Has Moved To New Location

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February 2017 Issue
Last Train for CNCA
CRA News
-   New Privacy Disclosure in T2050 Application to Register a Charity Under the Income Tax Act
-   New Online Interactive Tool to Compile Checklist of Documents to be Included with Applications for Charitable Status
-   CRA's New Cause-related Marketing Webpage
-   GST/HST - New CRA Memorandum to Assist Charities and Qualifying NPOs Calculate the Public Service Bodies Rebate Claims
Legislation Update
-   Bill C-36 Proposes to Reinforce Statistics Canada's Independence
-   Ontario Bill 41 Allowing LHINs to Intervene in the Governance of NFPs Receives Royal Assent
OHRC Position on Medical Documentation
A New Era: Obligation to Know thy Advocate and Supervise thy Litigation
Charity and NFP Legal Check-up: 10 Tips for Effective Legal Risk Management
Trademarks As Keywords In Online Advertising May Constitute Passing-Off
Ottawa Region Charity & NFP Law Seminar Materials Available

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January 2017 Issue
CRA Guidance on Charities That Assist the Aged
CRA News
Legislation Update
-   Budget Implementation Act, 2016, No. 2 Receives Royal Assent
-   Ontario Budget Receives Royal Assent
-   Amendment to the Ontario Employer Health Tax will Impact Registered Charities
Ontario Corporations Now Required to Keep Records of Land Ownership
CRA Releases Trio of GST/HST Rulings Affecting Charities
CRA Answers Questions on GREs at Gift Planner Conference
Gross Negligence Penalties Upheld for Misrepresentations on Tax Returns
CBA Submissions on National Security and on Housing of Interest to Charities and NFPs
The Pitfalls of Geographic Names as Registered Trademarks
New Charity and NGO Laws Come into Force in China
Court of Appeal Affirms City's Liability in Crossing Guard Case
Amendments Proposed to Child Protection Laws in Ontario
Anti-Terrorism Law Update
-   Recommendations for Improving the Implementation of FATF Evaluation Process
-   FATF President Speaks at UN Security Council Meeting

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November 2016 Issue
Trinity Western University Wins in B.C.C.A.
CRA News
-   CRA Posts a New Informational Gifting and Receipting Video
-   Split-receipting and Deemed Fair Market Value
-   Update to the Guide for the T3010 Registered Charity Information Return
-   Form T2081 will No Longer be Mailed to Affected Charities
-   Reminder of the Political Activities Consultations - Extended Comment Period
Legislation Update
-   Accessible Employment Standard Deadline Approaching in Ontario
-   Bill C-22 to Establish the National Security and Intelligence Committee Passes Second Reading
-   Ontario Bill 41 Would Allow LHINs to Intervene in the Governance of NFPs
Corporate Update
Charity Must Pay Damages for Breaching OHSA
New French Signage Laws Come into Effect in Quebec
Report on Impact Measurement for Social Enterprises in Ontario
GST/HST and Camps for Individuals with Disabilities
Court Orders Buyout Rather than Winding-Up of Not-for-Profit Corporation
Anti-Terrorism and Counter-Money Laundering Update
-   Canadian Government Consults on National Security Green Paper
-   FATF Ratifies New Evaluation Methodology for State Regulation of Non-Profit Organisations
Update on Charity Law
Legal Risk Management Checklists for Ontario-based Charities and Not-for-Profits
The 2016 Annual Church & Charity Law Seminar - November 10, 2016

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October 2016 Issue
Charity Manager Awarded Twenty Four Months Notice
CRA News
-   CRA Updates Guidance on GST/HST Information for Charities
-   Reminder of the Political Activities Consultations
Legislation Update
-   Budget Implementation Act, 2016, No. 2 is Released
-   Bill C-2 Amending the ITA on Donation Tax Credits Receives Second Reading in the Senate
-   2017 Public Budget Consultations
Technical Amendments to the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act
Proceeds from Segregated Fund Policy Donated to Charity Do Not Realise Nil Capital Gains
Improvement Districts are Municipal Bodies for the Purposes of the Income Tax Act
Marrakesh Treaty Comes Into Force
Supply of Dietetic Services to a Public Sector Body Exempt from GST/HST
Tax Court Dismisses Appeal from Assessment due to Fraud
FATF Evaluates Canada's Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Regime
Charities Legislation & Commentary, 2017 Edition Now Available!

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September 2016 Issue
CRA News
-   Public Consultation on Charities and Political Activities
-   Announced Appointment of New Director General of Charities Directorate
-   Finance Canada Reviews Commitment by MasterCard and Visa to Reduce Fees for Charities
-   CRA Updates its Website on Charitable Donation Tax Credit Rates
Donation Receipts Invalid if Information Missing or Donation Inflated
CRA Provides Clarity on Supplies Exempt from GST/HST
Court Upholds Rock Climbing Waiver
Social Media Accounts and Safe Work Environments
Alberta Court of Appeal Affirms Court's Jurisdiction to Review Unfair Church Discipline
Why Charities Need to Register Official Marks as Trademarks
Kellogg Canada Inc. in Violation of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Act
Restrictive Covenant found to be a Non-competition Clause as opposed to Non-solicitation Clause
CRA Provides Comments on Foreign Exempt Trusts
Anti-Terrorism & Money-Laundering Update
-   Public Safety Canada Report on Terrorist Threat in Canada
-   Significant Changes to FATF Recommendation 8 and Interpretive Notes

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July/August 2016 Issue
FCA Holds That Prevention of Poverty is Not a Charitable Purpose
CRA News
Legislation Update
Liability for Costs for Taxpayers Involved in Donation Schemes Capped by Tax Court
Remember to Keep Consent Records-A CRTC Enforcement Advisory
Unfair Proxy Form for Members' Meeting Revised by Ontario Court
Future Benefit to Charity Not Pertinent to Determination of Taxpayer Advantage
Workplace Sexual Harassment Laws Soon To Be In Force
Ongoing Conflicting Decisions in Trinity Western Cases
Anti-Terrorism and Money-Laundering Update
Best Lawyers in Canada 2017

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June 2016 Issue
The Supreme Court Broadens the Scope of Solicitor-Client Privilege Under the Income Tax Act
CRA News
Legislation Update
Corporate Update
Tax Court Cases of Interest to Charities Clarity Still Needed on Impact of OECD Common Reporting Standards on the Sector
Director General of the Charities Directorate Promoted
CRTC Signs MOU with International Agencies to Fight Spam
SCC Denies Leave to Appeal in Discriminatory Will Case
Court Limits Temporary Lay-off Rights
Ontario Court Rules that CRA Does Not Owe Duty of Care for Disallowed Tax Shelters
Affiliation Agreement Upheld by BC Court of Appeal
Proposal for Changes to Trademark Fees May Prompt Pre-emptive Registrations
Rowan's Law Receives Royal Assent
Anti-Terrorism & Money-Laundering Update
Lexpert Rankings 2016

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May 2016 Issue
NFP in Norway Found Liable for Employee Taken Hostage in Conflict Area
CRA News
Testamentary Charitable Giving: The New Regime (Revised)
Tax Court Comments on CRA's Timeliness in Detecting Fraud

CRA View on FMV of Receipts for Gifts of Property to a Municipality
CRA Responds to Question on Spousal Sharing of Charitable Gifts by Will
CRA Rules Tribal Council is Exempt from Part I Tax
Woman Commits Fraud with Not-for-profit Organization
Finance Introduces Legislation to Implement OECD Common Reporting Standards
New Extra-Provincial Registration Chapter Released in Corporate and Practice Manual
Nova Scotia Introduces Food Bank Tax Credit for Farmers
Two New Leaves of Absence in the Works for Ontario
Quebec Proposes Draft Regulations Regarding Trademarks on Signage
Carters is Pleased to Announce a New Partner

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April 2016 Issue
Legislation Introduced to Implement 2016 Federal Budget
Quebec Ends Duplicate Registration Process for Registered Charities
Legislation Update
CRA News
Federal Court of Appeal Dismisses Revocation Appeal
Tax Court Upholds Minister's Decision to Deny Charitable Tax Credits
Court of Appeal: Employee Injury Waiver Declared Void
Supreme Court to Hear Google Appeal
Canada Signs MOU with US to Fight Spam
BCSC Affirms Judicial Power to Vary Administrative Terms of Charitable Trust
Anti-Terror and Money-Laundering Update

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March 2016 Issue
Federal Budget 2016: Impact on Charities and Not-for-profits
CRA News
Legislation Update
Tribunal Awards Damages to Job Applicant
FCA Confirms Use of Domain Name Can Constitute Trademark Infringement
Appeal Court Upholds Testamentary Freedom
Ontario Court Confirms Church Property Used for Religious School Exempt from Municipal Property Tax
Charities Directorate Reports to Senate Committee on National Security
Ontario Budget 2016: Impact on Charities and Not-for-profits
Canada Summer Jobs Program Doubled

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February 2016 Issue
Ontario OCA Corporations Going Federal: Issues to Consider
CRA News
Testamentary Charitable Giving - The New Regime
Ontario Court Recognizes New Invasion of Privacy Tort
Discriminatory Will Provision Ruled Invalid
Testamentary Charitable Giving - The New Regime
Ontario Human Rights Commission Updates Policy on Creed
FCA Revokes Charitable Status Based on Failure to Maintain Proper Books and Records
CRA Views: Non-Resident Donors Required to File a Tax Return
CRA Views: No Change in CRA's Position on Public Bodies as Qualified Donees
BC New Societies Act Coming Into Force on November 28, 2016
Claim of Breach of Fiduciary Duty Struck in Class Action Against University
Tax Preparers Convicted of Fraud in BC Court
CRTC Issues Second Warrant Under CASL
ONN Submission Focuses on "Nonprofit Social Enterprise"
FATF Plenary Meeting Held this Month
Giving Australia 2015-2016 Project
Ottawa Region Charity & Not-for-Profit Law Seminar Materials Available

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January 2016 Issue
Protecting Charities and Not-for-Profits Participating in Refugee Sponsorship Programs
Update on GRE Impact on Estate Donations
Proposed Amendments to the Donation Tax Credit
CRA to Wind Down Political Activities Audits
CRA News
Corporate Update
Tax Court Rulings of Interest to Charities
CRA Views in Focus
Supreme Court Rules on Copyright
CRTC Serves its First Warrant Under CASL
Employer Financial Status Will Not Reduce Termination Notice
BC Supreme Court Quashes Law Society's Decision to Reject TWU Law School
New Ontario Acts Address Forfeited Property of Dissolved Not-for-Profit Corporations
Ontario Introduces Concussion Legislation
Not-for-Profits Should Take Notice of Coming Community Benefit Agreements
Ontario Reforms and Standardizes Police Record Checks
Anti-Terrorism Law Update
Retirement Announcement   Bruce Long

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November 2015 Issue
Social Media Brings Privacy to the Forefront
Legislation Update
CRA Explains Application of GRE Rules to Charitable Gifts
Minister of Finance Given Mandate by PM to Clarify Political Activities of Charities
FATF initiates Public Consultation of Interpretive Note to Recommendation 8
CASL Enforcement Results in $200,000 Undertaking
Federal Court of Appeal Disallows Charitable Receipts
Hockey Injury Lawsuit Dismissed
Non-Profit Organization Granted Public Body Rebate by Tax Court
TPP Treaty Could Change Copyright and Trade Secret Laws
FCA Upholds Government Decision Not to Fund Canadian Arab Federation
Legal Risk Management Checklists for Ontario-based Charities and Ontario-based Not-for-Profits
The 22nd Annual Church & Charity Law Seminar

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October 2015 Issue
"Politically Exposed Persons": Should it Matter to Your Charity?
Corporate Update
Legislation Update
CBSA Updates Memorandum on Charitable Goods
Donations of Charitable Gifts must be Supported by Receipts and Proof
T4A Information Slips Required for Exempt Scholarships
Tax Court Considers Valuation of In-kind Gifts
Tax Court re-affirms Denial of Tax Credits Claimed under Tax Scheme
ONSC Upholds Case Management Agreement Restricting Number of Appointed Directors
Jail Time for Persistent Trade-mark Infringement in Canada
Oath to Allow Greatest Possible Freedom in Religious Solemnization
Court Awards Substantial Pay in Lieu of Notice for Short Term Employee
Compliance Agreements: Beware of Latent Pitfalls
Use of Trade-marks in Keyword Advertising is Not Passing Off
Canada Signs International Multilateral Agreement to Address Tax Evasion

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September 2015 Issue
ONCA Proclamation Delayed Yet Again
CRA News
Legislation Update
CRA's Revocation of Municipal Determination Reasonable
CRA Expands Meaning of Partisan Political Activities
Ontario Court of Appeal Denies Injunction against Church Homeless Shelter in Sarnia
Federal Court Conditionally Certifies Privacy Class Action
CRTC Issues Enforcement Advisory and Additional Guidance on CASL
Privacy Commissioners Issue "Bring Your Own Device" Guidelines
Teens awarded compensation for religious discrimination in the workplace
Rights of Shareholders of Ontario Social Clubs
Employers could be required to self-audit under Ontario ESA legislation
DOF Response to FATF Recommendations
United States Partner Vetting System Publishes Final Rule

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July/August 2015 Issue
CRA News
Draft Legislative Proposals Affecting Charities and RCAAAs
Legislation Update
Senate Committee's Interim Report on "Countering The Terrorist Threat"
Supreme Court Dismisses Appeal in Guindon v Canada
FCA Rules That PTAQ Fails to Evidence Direction and Control
Ontario Court Upholds Decision to Deny Accreditation to TWU's Proposed Law School
Minister of National Revenue Ordered to Issue Taxpayer's Notice of Assessment
FCA Upholds CRA Decision to Revoke Charitable Status
Affiliation Agreement Upheld by BC Supreme Court
Tax Court Dismisses Appeals for Charitable Tax Credits
Long Term Employee Awarded Twenty-Seven Months Notice
Testamentary Freedom and Public Policy
Nova Scotia Variation of Trusts Act Applies to Charitable Trusts
Tax Court Disallowed Gift Without Donative Intent
Transparency Reporting Guidelines for Privacy Law Obligations
Ontario Superior Court Dismisses Municipality Application for Transfer of Title
Alleged CASL Violations Costly to Porter Airlines
Anti-Terrorism Law Update
Lexpert Rankings 2015
Best Lawyers in Canada 2016

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June 2015 Issue
HoC Finance Committee Tables Report on Terrorist Financing
CRA News
Legislation Update
Corporate Update
Imagine Canada Releases Paper on Charities as an Economic Sector
Court Upholds Members' Right to Requisition a Meeting
Report on Exploring Potential of Social Finance
Bank Required to Pay Nominal Damages for Breaching its Privacy Policy
Court Declares Membership Resolution Inconsistent with Corporations Act
Ambiguous Termination Provision Deemed Unenforceable
Ontario Court Assesses Fiduciary Duty to a Board
CRA Comments on Retention of Books and Records
Tax Implications Related to Third Party Fundraising
Ontario Court Defines "the Poor"
NPO Tax Exempt Status - Affordable Housing Providers
Director General Appears Before Senate Committee on Terrorist Financing
Bill 113 to Update Criminal Record Check Process in Ontario
Judicial Renderings - Interesting Cases to Consider

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May 2015 Issue
.NGO and .ONG Domain Names Now Available
Legislation Update
CRA News
Federal Court of Appeal Hears Case on Direction and Control
Federal Court Upholds Solicitor-Client Privilege Principles
New Anti-Terrorism Legislation Introduced
CRA Comments on Services Performed by Volunteer Firefighters
Re-Capping Employer Liability for Wrongful Acts of Their Employees
BC Societies Act Received Royal Assent
Recent Submissions to HoC Standing Committee on Finance's Study on Terrorist Financing
Maintaining "Control and Discretion" in the United States
Court of Final Appeal Deems Hong Kong Family Foundation a Trustee
Joint Comments on Draft Financial Action Task Force
Australia 2015 Budget Impacts Charities

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April 2015 Issue
No Silver Linings -- CRA's Position on Cloud Computing Unchanged
Federal Government to Match Donations to Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund
Federal Budget 2015: Impact on Charities
Anti-Corruption Measures in Budget 2015
CRA News
Legislative Update
Corporate Update
Crowdfunding -- CRA's Approach and Tax Implications Opt-in Versus Opt-out? Federal OPC Comments on Consent
CRA Examines Tax Exempt Status of a Labour Union
Carters Brief on Anti-Terrorism to HoC Finance Committee
SCC Denies Leave to Appeal in Advancement of Religion Case
Listed Charity Unable to Use Taxpayer Funds for Legal Defence
OPC Fact Sheet Released on Collecting Youth Information Online
Employer Liable For Dismissal and Ont. Human Rights Code Damages
Ontario Budget Short on New Announcements for Charities and NPOs
Alberta's Charitible Donation Tax Credit No Longer to be Reduced
Workplace Inspection Blitz in Ont. to Target 'Precarious Employment'
UK Law Commission Requesting Consultation on Technical Issues in Charity Law
Preventing Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing in Australia

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March 2015 Issue
SCC Delivers Strong Judgment on the Communal Aspect of Freedom of Religion
CRA News
Statistics Canada Releases New Survey on Giving and Volunteering
First CASL Fine Issued
Tax Court Upholds Common Law Definition of "Gift"
Dept. of Finance Evaluates Charitable Donation Tax Credit
CRA Examines Public Bodies Performing a Function of Government
Court Refuses to Expand Jurisdiction to Alter a Charitable Constitution
Corporate Update
Tax Court Comments on Recordkeeping and Receipting
Court of Appeal of Alberta Upholds Court's Bylaw Amendments
Balancing Privacy Legislation and the Common Law
Upcoming Minimum Wage Changes in Ontario
Review of Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act
Ontario Court Applies "Family Status" Test for Discrimination
$1.5M Fine for Australian Donation Scheme Promoters
CBA Submission to Parliament on Bill C-51

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February 2015 Issue
Separating Fact from Fiction: Political Activities Revisited
Corporate Update
Legislative and Regulatory Update
CRA News
Implications of the New Estate Donation Rules Introduced by Budget 2014
The Impact of Bill C-51 on Charities and Not for Profits
Register Trade-Marks Now Before Amendments Take Effect
Potential CRA Duty of Care to Taxpayers
NPO Distributions to Members
Spousal Sharing of Charitable Gifts on Death
Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing Law Violates Solicitor-Client Privilege
Landmark Decision by Supreme Court on Assisted Suicide
Tax Treatment of a Community Contribution Company
Nova Scotia Court First to Rule on TWU's Proposed Law School
Ontario Report on Dual Purpose Corporate Legislation
When can Outside Evidence be Used to Set Aside a Testamentary Bequest?
Ontario Appeal Decision Regarding Who Owns Church Property Stands
School Board Liable for Student's Fall from Roof
Marriage Commissioner Rights Recognized
RCMP Labels 'Anti-petrolium' Movement a Growing Security Threat
UK Enacts Anti-Terrorism Legislation
Ottawa Region Charity & Not-for-Profit Law Seminar Materials Available

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January 2015 Issue
Minister of National Revenue Responds to Inquiry About Political Activities
CRA News
Corporate Update
Federal Legislative and Regulatory Update
Provincial Legislative and Regulatory Update
Court Refuses to Vary the Terms of a Restricted Gift
Recent False Receipting Cases from the Tax Court of Canada
SCC Debates Cell Phone Privacy Rights in R v Fearon
Court of Appeal Discusses Board and Management Compensation
Company Directors Receive Jail Sentences
Application of GST/HST to Children's Camps
Tax Treatment of Charitable Gift Cards
OHRC Updates Policy on Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
OHRC Issues Statement on Workplace Sexual Harassment
How-To Brief on "How to Incorporate a Not-For-Profit Corporation"
EU Launches Appeal Against Ruling Striking Hamas off Terrorist List
Interpretation Statement on the Provision of Housing by Charities in Australia
Report on Recommendations for IRS Oversight of Charitable Organizations
Legal Risk Management Checklist for Ontario-Based Non-Profit Organizations

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November/December 2014 Issue
Federal Court of Appeal Rules on Advancement of Religion
CRA News
Corporate Update
Directors and De-facto Directors Liable for Unpaid Corporate Liabilities
Supreme Court Creates New Duty of Contractual Honesty
CRA Owes Duty of Care to Taxpayers
Credit Card Interchange Fees Reduced for Charities
Competition Act Application Broadens Under TREB Decision
Upcoming Supreme Court appeal of Guindon v The Queen
How CRA Determines who is a "Municipal Authority"
Gifts-in-Kind and Valuation Evidence
When is a Testamentary Bequest Void for Public Policy?
Lessons in Protecting Your Brand: The "Ice Bucket Challenge"
Online Copyright Infringement Regime Coming into Force
Ontario Workplace Laws Bill Receives Royal Assent
Proposed Salary Cap on Broader Public Sector Employees in Ontario
Alberta's Privacy Legislation Amendment Deadline Extended
Report on Counter-Terrorism Laws and Humanitarian Organizations
United Kingdom Releases Draft Protection of Charities Bill

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October 2014 Issue
Changes to List of Universities Outside Canada
CRA News
Proposed Changes to Income Tax Act Tabled as Bill C-43
Volunteer Agreements: Managing Volunteer Relations and Reducing Risk
Corporate Update
Court of Appeal Clarifies Approach in Religious Property Disputes
Approved Research Institute Status
Defining "Disability": It Is Broad, But It Is Not The Flu
Report on Mobilizing Private Capital for Public Good
Eligibility of Fundraising Event Concerning NPO Status
Preparing for New AODA Accessibility Requirements in Ontario
Alberta's Personal Information Protection Legislation Set to Lapse
US Department of Treasury Releases Guidance on Not-for-Profit Humanitarian Assistance
UK Law Commission Recommendations on Social Investment
Legal Risk Management Checklist
Charities Legislation & Commentary, 2015 Edition Now Available!

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September 2014 Issue
Draft Income Tax Act Changes Proposed for Consultation
CRA News
CRA Releases Guidance on Ineligible Individuals
Corporate Update
CASL Amendments to Canada's Competition Act
Tax Court Disallows Charitable Donation Tax Credits
Can a Fossil Donation Be a Gift for Tax Purposes?
Ontario Retail Sales Tax Act Exemption of Prepared Foods
Court Permits Pastor's Wrongful Dismissal Lawsuit to Proceed
Imagine Canada Report on Canada's Grantmaking Foundations
Supreme Court to Hear Appeal on Assisted Suicide
New Ontario Employment Standards Act, 2000 Leaves of Absence
Ensure Proper "Use" of Trade-marks to Avoid Losing Them
Employers must Accommodate Legal Parental Obligations
No Assessment Exemption in Special Legislation
OFAC Expands Due Diligence Responsibilities for Charities
EU Court Confirms Freedoms of Religion and Association

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July/August 2014 Issue
Differential Pay-Schemes Ruled Discriminatory
CRA News
Legislation Update
Corporate Update
CRTC Clarifies Application of CASL to Charities
CRA Practice Tip: Public Information and Charitable Registration
When is a Conditional Charitable Gift Effective?
CRA View Regarding Taxing Donated Long-Service Awards
White Paper Proposes Amendments to B.C.'s Society Act
Upholding Procedural Fairness in Internal Discipline Procedures
Privacy Commissioner of Canada is Calling for More Transparency on Digital Privacy
Anti-Diversion Issues for Charities Operating Abroad
New Zealand Court Finds That a Political Purpose May Be Charitable
UK Tribunal Provides Precedent for Charities Upholding the Law
Avoiding Abuse by Terrorist Organizations in the Not-for-profit Sector

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June 2014 Issue
CRTC Releases Information Bulletin on Compliance Programs for CASL
Legislation Update
CRA News
Corporate Update
Anti-Spam (CASL) Tip #5: How the Three-year Transition Period Applies to You
Taxation of Social Assistance Payments
Gifts Upheld Despite CRA Rejection of Donation Receipt
Tax Court Finds Donation Receipt Fraudulent
Court Finds Trustee Liable for Improper Delegation
Corporate Veil Pierced in Ontario Costs Order against Director
Court Upholds Employee Termination Clause in Contract
Coming Changes to the Trade-marks Act
Consultations on Social Enterprise Legislation
Canada's First Social Impact Bond Launched
The Tort of Domain Name Passing Off
Counterterror Studies Reveal Growing Concern for Humanitarian Organizations
Updated Branding and Copyright Book for Charities and NPOs

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May 2014 Issue
New Ontario Mandatory Health and Safety Awareness Training
CRA News
Legislation Update
Archived Web Content and Income Tax Folios
CNCA Continuance Update
Anti- Spam (CASL) Tip #4: Being Careful with Donor Recognition
CRA Income Tax Folio: Related Persons and Dealing at Arm's Length
Charitable Status Appeal Set Aside for Terrorist Listing Determination
Non-Catholic Student Exempted from Catholic School Religious Programs
SCC Denies Leave to Appeal of Kossow v Canada
Tax Court Allows Partial Credit in Tax Preparation Scheme
NPOs that are Agricultural Organizations
Digital Privacy Act Proposes Amendments to PIPEDA
Manitoba Privacy Legislation Awaits Proclamation
Report on Self-Regulation of Civil Society Organizations
Toronto City Council to Study Social Programs in Churches
Supreme Court Upholds Use of Security Certificates
New CBA Award Announced in Honour of Jane Burke-Robertson
Carters is Pleased to Announce Two New Partners
Carters is Pleased to Welcome Two New Associates to Our Ottawa Office

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April 2014 Issue
Legislation Update
CRA News
Tax Court Reminder for Accurate Tax Returns
Tax Court Denies Fraudulent Charitable Receipts
Taxation of Gifts from Parents to Teachers
Religious Order Characteristics for Clergy Residence Deduction
Management of Endowment Funds
Statistics Canada Report on Charitable Donations
Unpaid Internships under Ontario Ministry Of Labour Scrutiny
Anti- Spam (CASL) Tip #3: Compliance Issues for RCAAAs
Significant Changes to Trade-Marks Act Proposed
Ontario Public Guardian and Trustee Appointments
Digital Privacy Act Proposes Amendments to PIPEDA
Canadian Aid Organization Labelled Terrorist Organization
Transparency International's Anti-Bribery Guidance for Not-for-Profits
UK Social Investment Tax Relief Legislation

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March 2014 Issue
Canada Post Measures to Support Charities During Price Hike
Certain Budget 2014 Provisions to be Implemented
CRA News
CNCA Continuance Process - An Update
T3010 QuickPrep Helps Charities with Filing Tax Returns
Report On Impact Investing In Canada
Anti- Spam (CASL) Tip #2: CASL Compliance Policy
Court Dismisses Appeal for Lack of Proof
Taxpayers' Ombudsman Releases Report on Tax Shelters
Gifts Made By a Will
SCC Grants Leave to Appeal in The Queen v Guindon
CBCA Consultation Deadline Extended
SCC Rules: Do Not Deduct Pension Benefits from Wrongful Dismissal Damages
Common Law Duties and Liabilities of Directors in Fundraising
Ontario Court Rules Iranian Assets Subject to Seizure in Terrorist Case
UK Social Enterprise Investment Tax Incentives
Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission May Be Abolished
Proposed "In Australia" Conditions for Tax Exempt Charities

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February 2014 Issue
CRA Guidance on Charities That Provide Housing
CRA Releases NPO Risk Identification Project Report
Budget 2014: Impact on Charities
CRA News
Anti-Spam (CASL) Tip #1: Unintended Consequences for NPOs
Charitable Donations Discredited
Court Sets Aside Tax Court's Decision Allowing Partial Donations
BC Supreme Court Authorizes Total Return Investment Strategy
Court Awards Human Rights Damages in Wrongful Dismissal Lawsuit
From .foundation to .camp: New Domain Extensions Becoming Available for Registration
Payday Loans Act Amendments Exempt Charities and Non-Profits
UBC Seeks to Appeal Binning House Decision
FATF Mutual Evaluation of Canada’s Anti-Money Laundering Measures
Ottawa Region Charity & Not-for-Profit Law Seminar Materials Now Available

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January 2014 Issue
Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation: Is Your Organization Prepared?
CRA News
Legislation Update
Status of Continuances under the CNCA
Leveraged charitable donation decision
CRA Guidance on Promotion of Health and Charitable Registration
Status of the ONCA
CRA Ruling Regarding A Charity's Interest In A Taxable Corporation
NPO Tax-Exempt Status May Be Preserved While Renting Property
Canadian Charities Operating Outside of Canada: What You Need to Know
SCC Denies Leave to Appeal of Prescient Foundation v MNR
CRA Interprets 'Member' of a Not-For-Profit Corporation
Top Court Will Hear Appeal on Assisted Suicide
Required Characteristics of Religious Orders for Clergy Residence Deduction
New WSIB Policies for Construction Work Impact Charities and NFPs
FCA Upholds Minister's Decision to Stop Funding over Terrorist Concern
Appeal Court Upholds Sentence for Fundraiser Accused of Fraud
BC Court Prohibits Sale of Specific Purpose Charitable Trust Property
The Muttart Foundation Publishes 2013 Report on the Charitable Sector
Industry Canada Considers Socially Responsible Enterprises in CBCA
HMRC Releases New Guidance on 'Fit and Proper Persons Test' (UK)

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November/December 2013 Issue
Directors Ordered to Attend Training Session and Denied Costs
CRA News
Essential Charity Law Update
Court Denies Claim for Charitable Donations
Gift of a Right to Use
Application to Extend Time to File Objection with CRA Denied
HST Obligations In Respect of Sponsorships
Ontario Court of Appeal Rules That Parish Property Stays With Diocese
Alberta Privacy Legislation Found Unconstitutional By SCC
Top Court Upholds Role of Family in Withdrawing Life Support
Ontario Social Enterprise Strategy Announced
Late Notice of Claim Leads to No Insurance Coverage
Public Appeals Surplus Disposition Proposed in Saskatchewan Bill
Imagine Canada Responds to Accounting Statement of Principles
"Cyberbullying Bill" Touches on Anti-Terrorism
Report On Protecting the "Nonprofit Sector" From Terrorist Abuse
Updated Risk Management Checklists for Charities and for Not-for-Profits
Corporate and Practice Manual for Charitable and Not-for-Profit Corporations
20th Annual Church & Charity Law Seminar Materials Now Available

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October 2013 Issue
Budget 2013 Implementing Act No. 2 Introduced
CRA News
Bill C-458, National Charities Week Act Withdrawn
Modifications Made to CRA Policy Statement on Political Activities
Bill S-202 Could Eliminate Credit Card Acceptance Fees for Charities
Foreign Corruption Issues for Charities Operating Outside Of Canada
Court Dismisses Appeal in Sowah v The Queen
Denial of Donation to Non-Charity Not a Violation of Charter Rights
Costs Decision for Lipson v Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP
Company Fined $750,000 for Criminal Negligence Causing Death
Guindon Files Leave to Appeal
B.C. Court Of Appeal Upholds Ban on Assisted Suicide
Payday Loans Act Amendments Expected to Come Into Force
Endowments to be Treated as Revenue under Accounting Statement of Principles
U.N Report Identifies Impact of Anti-Terrorism Laws on Humanitarian Operations
Charities Legislation & Commentary, 2014 Edition Now Available!

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September 2013 Issue
Quebec Charter Challenges Freedom of Religion
CRA News
Court Denies Application to Delay Revocation of Church's Charitable Status
Religious School Wins Rare Delay of Revocation
Update on Number Status of CNCA Continuances
Public Foundations May Not Acquire Control Through 100% Share Donations
Non-Profit Organizations Accepting Donations to Capital Funds
New CRA Webpage on Amalgamations, Mergers, and Consolidations
Ontario Human Rights Tribunal Rules That Atheism Is Protected As a 'Creed'
Ontario's Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, 2010 Update
Ontario Decision Highlights Importance of Employment Contracts
Proposed Employer Health Tax Act Amendments May Impact Charities
Proposed Payday Lending Amendments in Ontario May Affect Microlending
Deadline for Comments on CICA Handbook Amendments Extended

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July/August 2013 Issue
CRA Guidance on How to Draft Purposes for Charitable Registration
CRA News
Ontario Human Rights Tribunal Rules that Atheism is a Creed/Religion
Donation Through Tax Shelter Disallowed
New CRA Guidance on Purposes and Activities Benefiting Youth
Federal Court of Appeal Disallows Delayed Assessment
Decision on Defence Costs Could Impact Directors of Not-For-Profits
Misrepresentation and Gross Negligence in Donations Results in Penalties
Capital Gains from Sale of Property by NPO Tax Exemption
Employment Harassment by Facebook Posts
Individual Clergy Residence Deductions Possible for Spouses
Ontario Decision Raises Issue of Liability for Subsidiaries’ Conduct Abroad
Quebec Government Encourages Cultural Philanthropy
Alberta Flood Recovery Program Available to Not- for- Profits
US Treasury Expands Terrorist Financing Related Definitions
Charities Commission Issues Alert and Offers Tips In Preventing Fraud
Lexpert Rankings and Best Lawyers in Canada

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June 2013 Issue
Bill 85 to Amend Ontario Not-For-Profit Corporations Act, 2010
CRA News
Federal Legislation Update
Federal Court of Appeal Overturns Decision in Guindon
CRA Guidance on Foreign Activities Changes Rules on Capital Property in a Foreign Country
Application Procedures for Other Listed Qualified Donees
CNCA Continuance Deadline Looming
Recent CRA Views on Non-Profit Organizations Whose Main Purposes are to Provide Dining, Recreational or Sporting Facilities under subsection 149(5)
Ontario Labour Relations Board Clarifies "Workplace Harassment"
Passive Directors Now Passé
Proposed Accounting Statement of Principles for Not-for-Profit Organizations
Some Charities Could Lose Brand Protection upon Official Marks Review
Uniform Law Conference of Canada Adopts New Uniform Trustee Act
Carters is Pleased to Welcome Two New Associates

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May 2013 Issue
In Memoriam: Jane Burke-Robertson
CRA News
Federal Legislation Update
Federal Court Of Appeal Decision in Prescient
Ontario Government Releases Plain-Language Guide to ONCA
Registration of Low-Cost Housing Residences as Qualified Donees
Donation Tax Credits Denied for Gifts in Kind Unsupported by Records
The Importance of Board Review of T3010 Before Filing
Federal Court of Appeal Refuses to Delay Revocation of Charity
An Overview of CRA's Community Economic Development Guidance, Including Program Related Investments
Federal Government Releases Report On Social Financing
Drinking and Driving Employee Loses Job
Foreign Activities Focus of New Terrorism Law Allowing Preventative Detention
First Charges Laid Under Lobbying Act

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April 2013 Issue
Ontario's Not-for-Profit Corporations Act Update
CRA News
Federal Legislation Update
Working With The CNCA: Incorporation and Continuance
Clergy Residence Deduction - Ministry Must Be Integral Part of Employment Responsibilities
Court Intervenes in Church Dispute to Ensure Fairness in Membership Admission
Terminating Probationary Employees
Trademark Clearinghouse to Provide Essential Domain Name Protection
FATF Issues New Risk Assessment Guidelines

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March 2013 Issue
2013 Federal Budget: New Donor Tax Credit, GST/HST and Anti-Tax Shelter Provisions Affecting Charities
CRA News
World Job and Food Bank Inc. Loses Appeal of Charitable Status Revocation
Foreign Activities: How to Get Ready For A CRA Audit
Court of Appeal Allows Class Action Against Law Firm Following Tax Shelter Scheme
Employee Termination "Dos" and "Don'ts"
Court Intervenes in Membership Dispute to Remove Directors
Bill C-56 to Modernize Trade-marks Act and Strengthen Brand Protection
B.C. Approves Regulations Creating Community Contribution Companies
International Humanitarian Law Faces Contemporary Challenges

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February 2013 Issue
Summary of FINA Report on Tax Incentives for Charitable Giving
CRA News
CRA Releases New T3010(13)
Voluntary Gift and No Obligation to Issue Donation Receipts
Court Denies Application to Delay Revocation
Charity Law 2012 - Year in Review
Private School Not Qualifying as an NPO
Improper Tax Receipting Results in Denial of Charitable Donation Tax Credits
Going Mobile: Legal Considerations for Mobile App Development
B.C. Community Contribution Companies and Non-Profit Status
Police Checks and Child Protection
Elder Care and Family Status Discrimination Ontario Ruling
Court Upholds Termination for Misapplying Charitable Funds
Kenneth Goodman Appointed Acting Public Guardian and Trustee for Ontario
New Voluntary Workplace Psychological Health and Safety Standard
Proposed Amendments to Curb Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Could Hinder Humanitarian Efforts
Ottawa Region Charity & Not-for-Profit Law Seminar Materials Now Available

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January 2013 Issue
Timely Reminder to Apply for Continuance Under the CNCA
CRA News
CRA Guidance on Arts Activities and Charitable Registration Released
Tax Court Considers Timeshare Tax Shelter
CRA View Says that NPOs can Refund Membership Fees - with Caution
CRA Makes Changes to the Clergy Residence Deduction Form
Federal Court of Appeal Comments on Bill C-48
CRA Views on NPOs with Taxable Subsidiaries and Non-Profit Parent
Keeping Proper Records Important for Charities and Donors
Transitioning Under the New Ontario Not-For-Profit Corporations Act
Industry Canada Publishes Revised Anti-spam Regulations
Top Court Affirms Balanced Approach to Competing Charter Rights
Limiting Slip and Fall Liability for Charities and NPOs
Nova Scotia Passes Community Interest Companies Act
Hospital Foundation Required to Pay Municipal Taxes on Office Space
Court Provides Comments on Who Owns a Charity
Supreme Court Upholds 'Motive Provision' of Terrorism Law
Australia Establishes National Regulator for Charities
UN Counter Terrorism Committee Discusses Not-for-Profit Sector

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November/December 2012 Holiday Issue
Bill C-458 Supporting Canada's Charitable Sector Introduced
Directors and Officers Insurance: Know Your Coverage and Options
CRA News
Practical Considerations Involving the CRA Guidance on Fundraising
CRA Update on NPO Audit Project
NPO Limits on Profit Earning
Federal Government Recognizes National Philanthropy Day
NPO Limits on Investment Income
Top Court to Hear Case on Withdrawal of Life-Sustaining Treatment
New CRA Guidance on Consequences of Returning Donated Property
Court Provides Comments to Trustees Pursuing Litigation
Supreme Court Decision on Workplace Computers and Privacy
Copyright Modernization Act Proclaimed Into Force
Proposed Income Tax Act Amendments Impacting Labour Organizations
FATF Plenary Calls for No Harm to Non-Profits' Legitimate Activities
U.S. Supreme Court Denies Certiorari for HL Five
19th Annual Church & Charity Law Seminar Materials Now Available
Updated Risk Management Checklists for Charities and for Not-for-Profits

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October 2012 Issue
Notice of Ways and Means Motion to Amend Income Tax Act Released
CRA News
Setback in Battle Against Donation Scams
Study on Tax Incentives for Charitable Donations Resumed
Participation in Gifting Tax Shelter Scheme Results in Reassessment
Federal Government Considers Recognizing National Philanthropy Day
Change to Reporting of Director's Address
Courts Provide Guidance on When a Director's Resignation is Valid
Lawsuit Against Corporate Sponsors Dismissed
Anti-Spam Information Bulletins Released by CRTC
Supreme Court Addresses Cyberbullying and Identification of Children
Federal Government Reviews the Lobbying Act
Tax Efficient Giving
Mission Drift and Corporate Objects
Proposed By-laws Would Prevent Places of Worship from Locating in Industrial Areas
Report Supports Aid Workers Providing Assistance in Areas of Crisis
Charities Legislation & Commentary, 2013 Edition Now Available!

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September 2012 Issue
Implementation of ONCA Delayed to July 1, 2013
CRA News
Charitable Status of Charity Intelligence Canada Revoked
Due-Diligence of Directors Important to Prevent Penalty by CRA
Transfer of Ownership of a New Life Insurance Policy to a Charity
Ontario Court finds Domain Name Registration Amounts to Tort of Passing Off
Court Convicts Fundraiser Accused of Fraud
Request for Adjournment of the Edwards Appeal Denied
Fired B.C. Worker Awarded Over $800,000 by Jury
Whose Income Is It Anyway??
Reminder to Plan Ahead for Continuance under CNCA
Canada Names Iran and Syria as State Sponsors of Terrorism
Charity Commission Provides Guidance on Avoiding Fraud

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July / August 2012 Issue
CRA Updated Guidance on Community Economic Development
CRA News
CRA Guidance on Charitable Organizations Outside Canada
Purchase of Charitable Receipts to Reduce Taxes is Not a Gift
Supreme Court Supports Users' Rights in Copyright Rulings
Organizations Must Transition to New Accounting Standards by 2012
Possible Unintended Consequences of Enhanced Donation Incentives
Hate Speech Section of Human Rights Act to be Repealed
Update on Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, 2010
Court Rules Employee Cannot Change Place of Work Without Consent
Ontario's Safe Schools Act Passed
First Woman Charged under Canada's Anti-Terrorism Legislation
UK Consults Public on New Draft Guidance on Public Benefit Requirement
Jane Burke-Robertson Receives Recognition from Best Lawyers
Lexpert Rankings
Best Lawyers in Canada
Congratulations to Mervyn F. White on Completing Master of Laws Degree
Carters is Pleased to Welcome Sean S. Carter as a New Associate

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June 2012 Issue
Playing By the Rules: Political Activities Fair Game for Charities
Update on Bill C-38 Budget Implementing Legislation
CRA News
Sports Organizations and Tax Exempt Status
Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Back On the Legal and Political Agenda
Split Receipting for Fundraising Dinner
What's New in the Governance of Not-for-Profit Corporations? (CNCA/ONCA)
Copyright Modernization Act Goes To Senate
Discrimination Based On Gender Identity or Expression to Be Prohibited In Ontario
Application Period Opens for New Generic Top-Level Domain Names
FATF Special Recommendation VIII: Impact On Countering Terrorist Financing
EU: Charity Commission Publishes Updated Counter-Terrorism Strategy

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May 2012 Issue
Canada's Counter-Terrorism Strategy Singles out Environmentalism
CRA News
Is Attending a Conference a Member Benefit?
New Ineligibility Requirements for Directors, Officers and Staff of Registered Charities
SCOF Resumes Study on Tax Incentives for Charitable Donations
CRA Issues Draft GST/HST Policy Statement for Comments
Non-Profit Festivals
Cost Estimates of Proposed Measures to Encourage Charitable Donations
Can a Public Foundation Have Only One Trustee?
Community Development Pastor Satisfies Test For Clergy Residence Deduction
Anti-Spam Legislation Expected to come into Force in 2013
Imagine Canada launches Standards Program
Liability Waiver Upheld By B.C. Court Of Appeal Ontario
Government Amends Draft Anti-Bullying Legislation
Internal Revenue Service Warns Nonprofits to Protect Privacy
IRS Releases Proposed Regulations on Program-Related Investments
KindHearts Charity Gets Favourable Settlement
U.S. Material Support Law Obstructs Humanitarian Relief

Learn more >>>
April 2012 Issue
CRA Releases New Fundraising Guidance
Bill C-38 Implementing 2012 Budget Tabled
CRA News
Court Issues Decision on Not-for-Profit Election and Membership
Facebook Passwords and Human Rights
What Not To Do for Directors: Decision on Costs Released in VON Decision
Sounds Now Registrable as Trade-Marks in Canada
B.C. Introduces Bill to Create Community Contribution Companies
U.S. Treasury Data Confirms Charity Terrorism Threat Unfounded
U.K. Launch of "Big Society Capital" Fund
"Ministerial Exception" Precludes Application of U.S. Discrimination Law
U.N. Resolution on Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights
New Guidelines Give U.S. Agency Broad Data Collection and Retention Powers

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February 2012 Issue
Charitable Donation Tax "Scheme" Class Action is Certified by Court
Update on SCOF Study on Tax Incentives for Charitable Donations
Freedom of Religion and Parental Rights
CRA News
Members of Non-Share Capital Corporations are Shareholders for Income Tax Purposes
Digging For Dirt: Handling Requests For Information
"Intrusion Upon Seclusion" New Tort From Ontario Court of Appeal
Obligations of Registered Charities and Canadian Amateur Athletic Associations in Québec
United States Partner Vetting System
Deceased Taxpayer's Charitable Gifts
Issues Involving Youths in Philanthropy
Update on Bill C-11, the Copyright Modernization Act
HLF Decision: Terrorist Financing Victory or Troubling Precedent for Charities?
Ottawa Region Charity & Not-for-Profit Law Seminar Materials Now Available

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March 2012 Issue
2012 Federal Budget: Including New Rules and Sanctions for Charities Conducting Political Activities
CRA News
Statistics Canada Survey on Giving and Volunteering Released
Government of Ontario Releases 2012 Budget
Survey Shows More Canadians are Concerned about Charity Fraud
Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying Launches New Website
CRTC Releases Final Regulations Under Anti-Spam Legislation
Update on Bill C-11, the Copyright Modernization Act
Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act
Receives Royal Assent
Directors' and Officers' Duties and Liabilities Under the CNCA and the ONCA
Bill C-10 Increases Sentencing for Sexual Offences under the Criminal Code
High Damage Award for Sexual Assault in the Workplace Upheld
Considerations When Drafting Restricted Charitable Purpose Trusts
New Bill S-7 Combating Terrorism Act
FATF Revises Recommendations on Combating Terrorist Financing

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January 2012 Issue
Charity Law 2011 - Year in Review
Budget Implementation Bill Receives Royal Assent
SCOF Study on Tax Incentives for Charitable Donations
Enhanced Regulatory Regime for Qualified Donees
CRA News
CRA Guidance on Trust Documents
Submission to Finance Committee on Charitable Donation Incentives
Do Marketing Associations Qualify as Non-Profit Organizations?
CRA Fines Private Foundation
Public Launch of Imagine Canada's CharityFocus Portal
OHRC Hosts Legal Workshop on Religious Belief and Practice
Court Approves Settlement in Class Proceeding Against Church
Pastor's Claim To Be Decided By Church Not The Courts
Application Period Opens for New Generic Top-Level Domain Names
Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Consultation Released
U.S. Commission to Address Accountability for Religious Organizations
Implications of SCC Ruling That Human Rights Tribunal Cannot Award Costs
What Charities and NFPs Can Learn From Recent Trade-Mark Disputes
B.C. Advisory Council Draft Report on Social Enterprise
Carters is pleased to announce Nancy E. Claridge admitted as partner

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November/December 2011 Holiday Issue
Identifying Five of the Top Legal and Risk Management Challenges for 2012
Ineligible Individuals - New Governance Provisions for Charities
CRA Draft Guidance on Arts Organizations and Charitable Registration
CRA News
Disbursement Quota Reform: The Ins And Outs of What You Need To Know
Advancement of Religion: Discussion Rekindled
Tax Exemption for Bingo Hall Charities Associations
Protecting People Worldwide: Risk and Insurance for Missions, Relief and Development Organizations
Proposed Amendments to PIPEDA Would Affect Privacy Rules for Charities and Non-Profits
Textual Harassment: Sexual Harassment Via Text Message
Court Issues Supplementary Reasons in VON Decision
Class Action Certified Against Church
Can a Commune Qualify as an NPO?
Directors' and Officers' Duties & Liabilities of Charities and Not-for-Profit Organizations in Ontario
Update on Bill C-10: Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act
ULCC Adopts Revised Draft of Uniform Informal Public Appeals Act
Effect of Anti-Terrorism Laws on Humanitarian Aid Remain A Concern
Proposed Legislation on National Philanthropy Day
Updated Legal Risk Management Checklists for Charities and for Not-for-Profits
Charity Commission Publishes Investment Guidance for Charities
Charities Legislation & Commentary, 2012 Edition Now Available!
18th Annual Church & Charity Law Seminar Materials are Now Available

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October 2011 Issue
The Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act is now in Force
CRA News
The Practical Impact of the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act
Update on Motion 559: Study by the Standing Committee on Finance
Ontario Accessibility Standards to be in Place as of January 1, 2012
Foundation in Breach of Fiduciary and Trust Obligations
Proposed Amendments to Copyright Act Would Provide New Rights for Charities and NPOs
Bill C-240: An Act to Amend the Income Tax Act (Services to a Charity or Public Authority)
Transfers to Head Bodies Outside Canada
Charities and the Anti-terrorism Financing/ Money Laundering Regime
U.K. Tribunal Rules that Trustees Determine How to Satisfy the Public Benefit Test
U.S. Appeals Court Finds Procedures in Shutting Down Charity Unconstitutional
Jane Burke-Robertson Receives the OBA - AMS/John Hodgson Award

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September 2011 Issue
The Nuts And Bolts of the Ontario Not-For-Profit Corporations Act, 2010
CRA News
Update on the New Canada Consumer Product Safety Act
More Technical Interpretations on the Clergy Residence Deduction
Promotion of Animal Welfare is Added as New Acceptable Charitable Purpose
Community Dialogue on Human Rights Relating to Freedom of Religion
Who's On First? Knowing Who Your Directors Are
Court of Appeal says Domain Names are "Personal Property"
Federal Court Limits Questions on Religious Belief
Bill C-10: Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act
Charity Commission Releases Guidance on Program Related Investments
EU: Calls for Examinations of Counter-terrorism Policies
Best Lawyers in Canada
Carters is Pleased to Announce the Addition of a New Lawyer to Our
Orangeville Office
Ottawa Office Has Moved

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July/August 2011 Issue
Finance Releases Draft Legislative Proposals for 2011 Federal Budget
CRA Guidance on Working through Intermediaries in Canada
CRA News
Update on Motion 559 Concerning Tax Incentives for Charitable Donations
Finance Invites Comment on Proposal to Strengthen Regulation of RCAAAs
Recent CRA Views on NPOs involving Cottages and Co-Op Housing
NPOs Earning a Profit
Recent CRA Views on Condo Corporations as Non-Profit Organizations
Regulations for Anti-Spam Legislation Released for Consultation
No Cap on Dismissal Damages for Clerical or Unskilled Workers
Significant Court Of Appeal Decision on Withdrawing Life Support
Limitations on Director's Due Diligence Defence under ITA & ETA
Domain Name Protection Opportunities for Charity and Not-for-Profit Brand Owners
Infrastructure Ontario Announces Expanded Loans Program
Small Hope For Improvement To U.S. Anti-Terror Laws For Charities?
Patriot Act: Continued Concerns for Canadian Charities
U.S. Anti-Terror Policies: Effects Felt Around the World

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June 2011 Issue
Minister of Finance Reintroduces Budget 2011
CRA News
CRA Releases New Guidance on Working with Intermediaries
Non-profit Organizations Cannot Carry On Unrelated Retail Activities
Federal Court of Appeal Rules "Dissemination of News" is Not Charitable
CRA Comments on Gifts Made To Public Bodies Performing a Function of Government
CRA Considers a Split-Receipted Ecological Gift of a Servitude
Deduction for Vow of Perpetual Poverty Extended to All Religious Orders
Church Diocese Liable for Volunteer's Injuries - New Brunswick
Refugee Claim Turned Down Because Claimant Unable To Prove Sincerity of Religious Belief
Imagine Canada to Launch Its Standards Program In 2011
Supreme Court of Canada Refuses To Grant Leave in Anglican Synod Decision
SCC Confirmation of Rights of Prior Trade-mark Users
Ontario Government Website Provides Info on the New Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, 2010
Vatican adopts Laws to Prevent Terrorism Financing and Money Laundering

Learn more >>>
May 2011 Issue
Jane Burke-Robertson to Receive AMS/John Hodgson Award
2011 Federal Budget Expected to be Re-introduced in Early June
CRA News
CRA Comments on the Requirements for NPO Status
Payments to Members for Non-Profit Organizations
Superior Court of Ontario upholds Agency Agreement of Charity
CRA Extends Position Regarding Compliance Refund Exemptions
Here Comes The CNCA: Are You Ready To Advise Your Clients?
Revenu Quebec Provides Translation for Returns
Update on the New Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, 2010
Manitoba Budget Proposes Tax Cut For Corporations That Work With Social Enterprises
Interim Report of the Special Senate Committee on Anti-Terrorism
Release of Liability Found To Be Enforceable In Recent B.C. Decision
Human Rights Tribunal Finds Social Organization Discriminated In Expelling Falun Gong Practitioner
Top Court Hears Case on Freedom of Religion
Enforcement of Trade-Mark Rights Puts Large and Small Infringers at Risk
New UK Bribery Act will Impact UK Charities
Lexpert Rankings

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April 2011 Issue
The Evolution of Advocacy and Political Activities by Charities in Canada: An Overview
CRA News
Investment Activities of a Public Foundation
Duties and Liabilities of Directors and Officers of Charities and Non-Profit Organizations
Ontario Court of Appeal Considers Employee Expectations of Privacy in Information Stored on Work Computers
Human Rights Tribunal Confirms it has no Jurisdiction to Scrutinize Content of Religious Beliefs
Ministère du revenu du Québec Publication on Sales Tax for Non-Profits
2011 Ontario Budget Includes Exemption for Hospices
Mowat Centre Releases Publication Proposing Intergovernmental Agenda for Canada's Charities and Non-Profits
International Charity News
2011 CBA/OBA National Charity Law Symposium
Countdown to the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act Client Seminar Materials Available

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March 2011 Issue
Budget 2011 Will Have Broad Impact on the Charitable Sector
Bill C-470 (Disclosure of Compensation) Dies on the Order Paper
CRA News
CRA Revocations
Countdown to the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act Practice Tip #9: Special Act Corporations
Be Charitable During The Election Campaign: The Do's And Don't's For Charities
Ontario Legislature Passes Bill 122, the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act
Social Media: An Emerging Issue in The Workplace
Important Case on Reconciling Competing Charter Values on Its Way to the Supreme Court of Canada
OLG Launches Public Awareness Campaign to Support Benefits to Local Charities
Financing Charities: Thinking Outside the Box
Ontario Government Releases Recommendations to Strengthen Relationship with Charitable Sector
United Nations Emphasizes Need For Fair and Clear Delisting Procedures
New Uniform Law Commission (U.S.) Project on Charities

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February 2011 Issue

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January 2011 Issue

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